Spekit Boost is here to boost your Salesforce adoption!

A little over a year ago, our team set out to solve a problem faced by organizations big and small conquering innovation: tracking and driving adoption of changes.

Today thousands of employees across Fortune 400 organizations like JLL, universities, and scaling startups leverage Spekit to onboard new hires onto their applications, communicate changes to their business and drive adoption as they roll-out changes to their platforms.  

Spekit Boost 🚀

No cost. No commitment. No end date.

Today we’re excited to make that vision more accessible and support organizations in their transformation by providing the best experience for employees, everywhere they work.  

Melanie Fellay, CEO

Spekit Boost is designed to effortlessly boost adoption across your current tech stack and keep your team on the same page with your business knowledge at their fingertips, for free, forever.Create knowledge (Speks) on-the-go to store any frequently accessed process, product information or policy for your team and access it instantly from any workflow, anywhere in their browser.

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Onboarding new employees or rolling out new Salesforce processes has always been a challenge. We saw the need for a living, breathing knowledge and training solution that could provide process guidance, when and where the users needed it, right at their fingertips. Spekit was that solution we were looking for.

Nana Gregg, VP, Salesforce

Fortune 400, Read the case study

Embed your own help text in any application in 30 secondsAdd help text with ease to any field, picklist, report name or keyword(s) that causes confusion for your team.

What does Spekit Boost  Image result for rocket emojiinclude?

  • Unlimited users
  • Chrome & Outlook Extensions
  • Spekit wiki & sequences
  • Enable Spekit “help icon” on any application
  • Spekit for email productivity (share & copy content) 
  • Edit or create up to 20 custom Speks (custom processes, business knowledge)
  • Customizable Salesforce training templates 

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Search for knowledge and training from any application

The best part? To help you migrate to Lightning, we loaded Spekit with free Salesforce Lightning 101 training templates that you can customize. See some examples below:

Works from your email too!Easily highlight a keyword and type the letter “s” on your keyboard or right click to search the wiki and copy content into any email.

And of course, all of your knowledge is stored in a centralized location: the wiki!You can easily organize all of your knowledge by topic, delegate subject-matter experts, sort, filter and even create knowledge tracks for your team to easily onboard them.

Boost Plan FAQ with Spekit cofounder & Spekit’s Head of Product & Technology, Zari Zahra 💫

I don’t use Chrome, can I sign up just for the wiki?

Of course. Here are the signup links for the wiki and the Data Dictionary.

Do I need to connect my Salesforce org for Spekit to work?
Nope, in fact, only our Power Plan includes the Salesforce integration. But don’t worry, you can still add the help text icon next to up to 20 fields by creating a Spek with the field label.

We’re not ready for Lightning yet, do you have templates for Classic too? 
You betcha! And NPSP 101 too. 

What took you so long????
Thought you’d never ask 🙂 We wanted to make sure we did it right. We know you’ll be delighted, give it a try.

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