Tips to get the most value out of the Spekit for Chrome Extension

2. Shortcuts

To search a keyword in Spekit from any window, simply highlight the keywords and type the letter “s” on your keyboard or right click.

In your email, for example, you can highlight the keyword and right-click or type Shift+S to quickly search Spekit and look for a Spek. 

If the keyword has not yet been documented, Spekit will show you the closest related results.

3. Reactions

Take a second to leave feedback with the click of an emoji. 

Reactions allow anyone on your team to give a simple sentiment response so content creators can quickly improve (or celebrate!) training. 

4. Actions

There are several actions available to you in the Chrome extension which include:

  • Star Items: Click on the Star to save the card and make it available every time you open the extension.
  • Share link: Share the direct link to the spek
  • Clone a Spek: Duplicate the content and customize to your needs.​
  • Copy Content: Copy all the content of the spek including images and videos.
  • Edit: Click on the edit icon to edit the card directly in the extension (if you’re a Data Expert/ Admin)
  • View in App: Click on the view in app tab to open the detailed view of the card in the main Spekit app.

5. Actions

Click on the edit icon, to edit the Spek right from the chrome extension.

6. Create a new spek

Click on “Create Spek” to add a new Spek.

A window as shown below will pop up. Click Create Spek once you’ve entered the data.

You’ll see several options in this window. These options include:

  1. Enter the name of your Spek
  2. Assign an Expert.
  3. Enter a Definition.
  4. You can add style to the text using the rich text options.
  5. Add Images, Videos, Files and Hyperlinks to support the content.
  6. Add one or more Topics to the Spek.
  7. Relate the Spek to any Salesforce object to have it show up by default in the sidebar search for that Object.
  8. Notify your team via Spekit chrome extension or email every time you create a new spek.

7. Clone a Spek

Click the “Clone Spek” button inside any Spek to duplicate the content and customize to your needs.

8. Zoom in on image

You can click on any image to zoom in or expand any videos to full screen.

9. One-Click Copy Content to Email or Document 

Copy the content of the Spek including images and videos to save time rewriting the same details.

Simply click on the copy content icon as shown below and paste in the desired location by right clicking or using the shortcut ctrl+v.

10. Share link to spek

Copy the link to the Spek and share with anyone.

You can copy the link to share with your internal team and Spekit users only only copy the public link to share with anyone outside your organization.

11. Star favorites

Starring a Spek saves the spek to the starred items, making them available whenever you open the chrome extension.

Click on “My Starred” to view all saved speks.

12. Enable the Spekit Help Icon on any application

1. Open up the Spekit Chrome sidebar and click the Settings gear icon.

2. Click on the Enable help text icon toggle to turn on help text on any application.

3.  The page will automatically refresh. Any keywords that match a Spek you’ve created will have the Spekit icon next to them.

For example, if you have documented any custom terminology or acronyms such as LTC, the Spekit icon will show next to it on the window or app that you have enabled help text for, in this case in Gmail.

Clicking on the Spekit icon will show you all the details such as the definition.

Access knowledge from any Google Chrome window

Anyone in your company can benefit from this knowledge, in any Google Chrome window. Simply right-click or type “S” to access Spekit knowledge anywhere.

13. View spek details (Expand in Wiki)

Clicking on “View in App” will open the expanded view of the card directly in Spekit.