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Answers on security, creating content, administration, integrations, Spekit features and more!

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Quick video intros and best practices to help you get the most value out of Spekit.

Salesforce Lightning Component

Spekit for Salesforce – anywhere. See use cases, best practices and how to install.

The Floating Dock

A one-click gateway to the knowledge of your entire organization – right where you’re working.

Spekit Flows

Guide employees through new tools and processes with the easiest-to-create walkthroughs in the industry.

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Release Notes

Stay aligned with all of the new and exciting features at Spekit by checking out our release notes.

Spekit for Financial Services Cloud content

Customize out-of-the-box nCino training content and surface that training in-app, exactly where your users need it.


Our success team is available through email, chat, Slack, Zoom and by phone to help support your needs and answer any questions.

The Spekit for Slack Integration

Search answers, share resources, create knowledge without ever leaving Slack.

Useful Links

Installing the Salesforce integration

How to get started with the Spekit for Salesforce integration.

Installing the Chrome extension

Getting starting with the Spekit Chrome Extension.

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The Spekit Chrome Extension
The Spekit Slack Integration
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