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June 30, 2020

Spekit for Slack integration



Introducing Spekit for Slack, our newest Integration. Spekit for Slack is designed to help you continue working without missing a beat from the Slack app. Get the information you need and share it with your team without ever leaving slack.

Watch our introductory video for a short primer! The Spekit and Slack Integration

To install, head over to the The Spekit for Slack Integration page.

If you need help, please see our FAQs.


All Spekit commands in slack start with /spekit. These are then followed by the command that needs to be run, along with the information for that command.

Here’s what you can do

Search: /spekit. This is the default for search. To search for any Spek on Spekit, simply type /spekit with your search terms after it, e.g., /spekit keyword.

You can search for everything that has been defined with a Spek and labelled. Up to 3 results are shown at a time, with the option to roll over for more.

View each spek, within Slack, by clicking “View Spek in Slack”, or share your Spek of choice to the channel with “Post to this Channel”.

View image, GIF and video embeds in each Spek directly in Slack, or open Spek in browser for more.

Anyone can also search Spekit directly from a message, by clicking the ellipses menu on the message, and choosing “Search Spekit”

Create: /spekit create. This command is used to create a new Spek from within Slack. You can assign a label, text definition and topics to this Spek. Only Spekit admins and experts can use this command.

Spekit admins and experts can create Speks directly from a message, by clicking the ellipses menu on each message, and choosing “Create a Spek”. We’ll pre-fill with the message text.

Connect: /spekit connect. This command only needs to be run once. This command is used to connect Spekit to Slack for the first time. A Slack user will use this command to connect to their Spekit instance.

NOTE: For your convenience, this will connect all Slack users with a matching email address in that Organization and enable Spekit for Slack for all.

Info: /spekit info. This command is used to show who you are logged in as and to which organization.

Help: /spekit help. This shows our list of commands available and how to use them within Slack.

Logout: /spekit logout. This logs the user out of their Spekit integration in slack.

Disconnect: /spekit disconnect.

WARNING: This is a permanent command that disconnects all Spekit users from that Slack account. This is only to be used when migrating from one Spekit account to another. Only account admins can use this command.

June 18, 2020


Introducing our new filters for Chrome, as well as quality of life improvements, our Chrome Extension 5.2 is designed to give a better user experience overall.

New First Time User Experience and Filters UI
  • After first installation, Chrome Extension now pulses in the Chrome extensions home bar to guide users where to look and locate their shiny newly installed Spekit extension.
  • After sign up, our web app guides users to install Chrome Extension
  • After installation, Spekit guides users on how to get started with their Chrome extension using an easy tutorial
  • Now you can easily use multiple new filters to find what you’re looking for in just a few short clicks with the following filters:
    • Topics
    • Spek Type: Custom, Fields, Objects, Picklist values
    • Documented or Undocumented (only for admins and experts)
    • Exact match or Partial match
  • Filters will “stick” until you change them for the following two filters
    • Spek Type
    • Documented or Undocumented
  • Video embedding now supports the following platforms
    • OneDrive / SharePoint
    • Google Drive / G-Suite
    • Dropbox
    • Vimeo
    • Wistia
    • Vidyard

Bug Fixes

  • Pressing enter in Sidebar search no longer makes the results go blank
  • Copying and pasting a Spek URL into a new Spek no longer causes Chrome to crash
  • Increase and decrease indent buttons now work as expected

June 8, 2020

Search updates: App, Chrome and Canvas Component


We have introduced enhancements to our first-time user experience, and a new filters experience for everyone.

Now browse Spekit with all the filters you need at your fingertips from our filters menu.
Sort by documented or undocumented, fields, topics, experts, date modified, and more to find exactly what you need as smoothly as you need.

This update also brings a new user experience for our first time customers, to help bring them up to speed fast, along with a few informative changes for those looking to upgrade.


New First Time User Experience and Filters UI
  • Spek Mode is now simply a Filter. You can now see both documented and undocumented via our Filters bar.
  • Filters settings will stick for your ease until you change them or log out for:
    • Spek Type
    • Documented or Undocumented
  • First time users are now directed to install Chrome extension when signing up or accepting an invite
  • The first time tutorial now detects if the user is using Spekit for the first time with or without the Chrome extension and guides them accordingly
  • Users invited to Spekit are now resent invites multiple times until they accept
  • Spekit Account Admins can now see if their users have installed Chrome extension or not in the Manage Users section
  • Spekit Account Admins can now filter by “Installed Chrome” extension
  • Spekit Account Admins can now generate a report of users who have or have not activated or installed Chrome Extension – via the excel sheet
  • Speks are now coloured according to their type (Field, Object, etc) in Wiki view for clarity
  • We now support embedding for multiple video platforms
    • OneDrive/SharePoint
    • Google Drive/G-Suite
    • Dropbox
    • Vimeo
    • Wistia
    • Vidyard
  • Print to PDF view no longer shows numbering and assigned expert for a cleaner page
  • Spekit Managers can now re-rank content for higher customer visibility
  • Creating a Spek assigns the creator as the expert by default
  • Dashboard – New users are taken to how to create Speks from Dashboard
  • Dashboard – New admins are shown how to invite their teams to Spekit from Dashboard
  • This Dashboard is static and is replaced as soon as the user creates a Spek
  • Spekit now remembers your device and does not ask for a verification PIN if you have logged in on it previously


  • Users can no longer see notifications for Speks only visible to Admins
  • Last Name column now correctly appears in Manage Users page
  • Indents in Spek now increase or decrease properly

Known Issues

  • Search does not return results for certain search terms such as “AE Freddy”
  • Speks are not sorted alphabetically when browsing by Topics in Chrome-Beta
  • Filtering by date does not show the proper range results

May 14, 2020

First-time user experience + new filters UI


We have recently upgraded our search to perform better and faster than ever. Now get more accurate search results faster across Spekit.

Our new search implementation brings the following improvements:

  1. An upgraded search engine featuring more accuracy and efficiency
  2. Resolution of multiple search related issues
  3. Resolution of multiple search optimization cases
  4. Resolution of various search bugs

App and Chrome

  • Search engine has been upgraded to latest and greatest
  • Search ranking has been further optimized


  • Cases of search failures on special characters, non-alphanumerical characters have been improved
  • Cases of search not matching the top ranked result have been improved
  • You can now create topics with names of previously deleted topics again

May 11, 2020

App bug fixes


Custom Icons
  • Images copy over from sidebar correctly now
  • Knowledge base users can see Dictionary layout again
  • Hyperlink no longer disappears from Spek when clicked on
  • Copy pasting Spek URL into a new Spek no longer causes tab to crash
  • Viewer can no longer create a Spek in an empty topic
  • Edit button in Wiki appears properly now
  • Case of distorted Spek layout has been resolved
  • Custom icons are working again on web app
  • Edit topic button now appears properly for experts
  • Loader now shows proper error when trying to login without password
  • Multiple screens no longer break expanded view

May 5, 2020

Hotfix for app

Bugs Fixed


A rare issue where custom salesforce objects would not import has been fixed


Chat widget for support now works on all pages


First time guide was not starting properly for some users

April 24, 2020

Chrome v. 5.1.1

Bugs Fixed

  • Share externally via a direct link now does not disappear in app or chrome
  • Custom icons for topics now reflect properly in Chrome Browse Topics view
  • Random whitespace appearing at Spek bottom in Chrome has been resolved
Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Improved Spekit performance in Lightning Report Builder in Salesforce
    UI. Due to underlying SF lightning builder slowness, we have removed support for Spekit on these views.

April 14, 2020

App & Chrome


  1. The Spekit Lightning Component is here!
  2. Improved Chrome post-install guidance for your invited users


What’s new

  • Better FTUX: We optimized user sign ups and first time flows for a smoother experience
  • Smoother Chrome installation flow: We optimized the tutorial shown to invited Spekit users post-chrome install to make the instructions more effective – please send us your feedback at

Bugs Fixed

  • Free user connecting to SF isn’t routed to dictionary with Spek Mode ON
  • Clicking Manage Users on Edit Team Details screen now properly redirects to team user list
  • Adding users to team did not work in certain cases, now resolved

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The Topic view sort menu now shows correctly which sort order is selected
  • Editing a topic containing custom icons now saves the topic properly in app (Chrome pending our beta released to prod)
  • Exported file shows every user twice in the list
  • Last edited still selected in sort menu even though the Topic view is sorted alpabetically

Known Issues

Users are unable to assign an expert and save only while creating a Spek

Salesforce Lightning Component

What’s new

  • You can now install the Spekit lightning component in any Salesforce instance 
  • You can add it to the utility bar in lightning or embed it in any page
  • You can also add it to the Salesforce One mobile app

For more instructions please read here

Known issues

  • Canvas app currently does not display properly for users with unaccepted invites – we have a fix upcoming for this.
  • Some rendering issues in Safari browsers that are being resolved.