Use Cases

Explore how Spekit fuels revenue at every touchpoint as your company scales

Spekit transforms onboarding, sales enablement, and more, accelerating growth across the organization.

Digital Adoption

Go beyond just showing your employees where to click. Spekit helps employees actually learn new processes, retain them, and apply them to their day-to-day, driving adoption and maximizing ROI.

Knowledge Sharing & Documentation

Centralize your company’s knowledge, seamlessly organize by topic, tool, or team and make it instantly accessible in any workflow.

Employee Onboarding & Training

Onboarding has an end date, but everboarding is forever. Spekit is your always-on, instantly accessible training coach that supports employees from their first day to their last.

Support & Call Center

Combat slow handling times, high ticket volumes, and low customer satisfaction with Spekit’s just-in-time learning platform, enhancing reps’ effectiveness and efficiency while eliminating wasted time.

Tool Implementation

Maximize new tool and process adoption with Spekit’s in-app training and reinforcement, filling the gap in post-rollout support and enhancing ROI on technology investments.

Sales Playbooks

Surface the playbooks reps need when they need them to close deals faster without disrupting productivity.