Bulk Upload: Spekit’s Answer to Spreadsheets and Powerpoints

I had to take a few deep breaths.

Maintaining this massive spreadsheet of metadata and end-user powerpoint wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Our challenge was two-fold:

  1. We needed to give our customers who had an existing spreadsheet data dictionary a simple way to upload and replace it – once and for all.
  2. We needed to give our consulting partners a simple way to turn their training powerpoints into reusable content that they could transfer from one client to the next.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our nifty Bulk Import and Export tool.

Using it, you can import spreadsheets and knowledge cards, collaborate on content, and have your knowledge and documentation instantly accessible anywhere in your browser via our chrome extension.

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How would a consultant use this feature?

Do you find yourself re-explaining the same thing over and over again as you move from one client to the next?

Do you have go-to formulas or workflows that you document in similar ways for your various clients?

WIth Spekit, you can create and store your unique how-to’s in the form of Knowledge Cards that you can upload via the Bulk Import tool and re-use with every client.

Did you know we have a Partnerships Program? Email us to find out more.

How would an admin use this feature?

Do you have a manual data dictionary where you’re storing information about your metadata? Or are you looking to document other types of metadata that aren’t in Spekit – yet? Upload a list of your workflows or process builders as knowledge cards to extend the documentation power of Spekit to other types of metadata.

What types of content can I import?

  • Training contentTransform word docs into in-context training by bulk creating knowledge cards in one upload.
  • Industry-specific jargon: No one reads glossaries. Import to Spekit and let users access these definitions in-context via our chrome extension.
  • Data dictionaries: Save yourself the hours and headaches needed to keep your offline spreadsheets in sync with Salesforce metadata.
  • Integration mappings: Enhance your development and change management process by dynamically storing all your API mappings for third-party integrations as custom columns in Spekit.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Metadata Import/Export section.
  2. Get the template by exporting to Excel: Export all of your metadata in Spekit to a spreadsheet, including any custom knowledge card or custom columns you’ve created to store things like Data Source or GDPR Qualification.
  3. Update the template and upload to Spekit: Make any edits you need to non-Salesforce cards and upload back to Spekit.

And you’re done.

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