How to Choose the Right Digital Adoption Platform For Salesforce

For sales teams, Salesforce is an industry standard. As a powerful tool that helps companies manage customer relationships, Salesforce is a leader among goal-oriented enterprise software. Not only does it improve business relationships, increase sales, and supercharge customer service, Salesforce has an entire network of apps and digital adoption platforms that accelerate its capabilities. This is why choosing the ultimate digital adoption platform that offers Salesforce in-app guidance is so important.  

With its amazing ability for customization, Salesforce allows businesses to coordinate and improve communication with customers regardless of disparate internal team locations. It’s also scalable and flexible, allowing company leaders to adjust team size, divisions and create new processes.

Salesforce often plays a big part in a business’s digital transformation efforts. But like any enterprise software program, there is also a learning curve associated with Salesforce that requires dedicated admins and trainers to oversee the implementation and deliver ongoing education after the rollout is complete. 

Thankfully, it can be implemented at a fast pace with the help of training platforms. Using Salesforce to its fullest is imperative to meet your company goals, which means a requires digital adoption and enablement software to take full advantage of it.

Digital enablement to the rescue in Salesforce

Digital enablement solutions complement Salesforce to help teams win deals faster and pivot when new opportunities arise. When sales teams have quick access to competitive resources and support directly in a Salesforce field, it becomes much easier to close deals and beat the competition. 

To achieve success at such a fast pace, sales teams need to choose a digital adoption platform that delivers sales enablement content directly to sales reps. This way, reps will be onboarded quickly with better access to training materials and instant communication when changes occur. New hires as well as existing reps are far more effective in their roles when they can adapt to new processes in real time.

The benefits of Salesforce

Maintaining relationships with existing customers is the best way to generate revenue, and Salesforce does just that. Its ability to provide valuable metrics about customers and prospects allows sales teams to discover new opportunities. 

But Salesforce goes beyond being a customer relations management tool. It’s scalable to a company’s needs and can grow as more opportunities and sales leads come to light. When properly implemented with effective training, Salesforce will boost employee productivity.

However, in order to reap the full benefits of Salesforce and supercharge sales, company leaders must first focus on proper training. Full digital adoption, or learning to use Salesforce to its maximum potential, can greatly boost the chance of success.

Keep your employees happy

Employees are the most important part of every company, and it is they who determine the success or failure of any digital transformation strategy. To give your sales reps the best opportunity to be successful, it’s important to take your time when choosing a digital adoption platform for Salesforce. 

Many training platforms use out-of-date software that is difficult to set up quickly, which can delay user adoption and create employee resistance. A training platform should complement Salesforce without requiring technical knowledge. To get up and running quickly, it’s best to choose a digital adoption platform that comes with customizable, out-of-the-box training content that eases the implementation process.   

Trainers and managers also need sales training software that is easy to maintain, as Salesforce trainers often need to communicate field updates or process changes. When your training content syncs with Salesforce and other apps instantly, it’s easier to keep everyone aligned to the same goals. The right digital adoption tool for Salesforce will eliminate much of the frustration that comes with reps having to waste time looking for information.  

In addition to initial training and onboarding, sales reps will be more successful with Salesforce when they’re fully engaged in the tool. When employee engagement goes down, it’s harder to get your desired ROI out of Salesforce. A full integration is one that goes beyond teaching teams how to use the tools, but delivers guidance on how to master their roles.

How to overcome the barriers

Employees state that the biggest barriers to satisfaction with digital training are poor user experiences and the lack of integration. Training that is difficult to apply to specific processes and difficult to retain can also cause a poor user experience. This leads to more support tickets, reduced productivity, and time wasted searching for answers.

Learning material that fails to integrate well with platforms like Salesforce and follow it across the cloud is also a source of frustration. With so many remote teams, it’s crucial to have a digital adoption platform for Salesforce that offers cloud collaboration. Cloud-native applications make it easier for teams to overcome any learning curves that might otherwise reduce true engagement and lead to employee turnover.

Simplifying Salesforce with the right features

When choosing a digital adoption platform for your Salesforce implementation, take a close look at how easy it is for sales reps to access sales enablement content. Tools that offer walkthroughs, playbooks, competitive research or battle cards are ideal if they provide that information within the apps the reps use most. No one wants to spend all their time looking for answers, so having a way for coaches and trainers to sync information quickly simplifies day-to-day functions and time spent editing updates or process changes. 

The power of customer metrics in Salesforce combined with contextual, in-app learning creates a customer relationship manager with unbelievable power for any organization. To uncover newfound potential with a our digital enablement platform, take a look at Spekit to see what we can do for you!

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