Now: Use Spekit for Salesforce – NO extensions needed – completely FREE for up to 10 users

We’re sharing two incredibly exciting announcements today! 

  1. With our latest feature addition, the Spekit for Salesforce Lightning Component, you can now use Spekit for Salesforce – without the Chrome Extension – on any browser and on mobile!
  2. We’re also offering this feature, along with the Salesforce integration and other features previously limited to our paid plan, completely free for up to 10 users!

Any device, any browser anywhere

With the new Spekit for Salesforce Lightning Component, you can search the Spekit knowledge base on any browserany device, from anywhere in the world. Provide your team with a centralized source of information and easy access to training, processes and enablement resources anywhere they work.

Three ways to use the Spekit for Salesforce Lighting Component:


Embed the Lightning Component on any page record to easily access Spekit from anywhere. (curated FAQs directly tied to the fields, picklist values, etc. )


Access Spekit search on any browser via the Search function on the Salesforce Utility Bar.


Search and discover Spekit content on the Salesforce mobile app.

What else can the Spekit for Salesforce Lightning Component do for you?

  1. No browser extensions? No problem: Not allowed to download browser extensions? Unable to use Chrome? No problem. Now, access Spekit anywhere you work – no extensions necessary. Access Spekit search on any browser via the Search function on the Salesforce Utility Bar. Easy access anywhere. Period. 
  2. Create a single source of truth: Support your team with easy to access training and knowledge sharing through a centralized source of truth. Cut through the noise and challenges that come with providing repetitive answers to FAQs and communicating changes
  3. Save time documenting: Don’t start from scratch. Sign up for Spekit free and instantly access out-of-the-box training for your most popular tools, written by experts on Salesforce Lightning, NPSP, Outreach, Salesloft and more, that you can customize for your team. 
  4. Notify your team of changes in real-time: Keep your team aligned on new training, process updates, new terms and field definitions with real-time notifications. You can even task subject matter experts to manage topics, contribute knowledge and validate content. 
  5. Access on the Salesforce mobile app:  You can now also access Spekit within the Salesforce mobile application! Take the pain out of working on the go or in the field, with contextual learning and knowledge instantly available.

The Spekit for Salesforce Lightning Component bridges the divide between access to information to remote and mobile work. Boom.

Spekit for Salesforce (and additional features) now available completely FREE for up to users

Free means restrictions, right? WRONG! Free means free. We’re now offering free access to the entire Spekit platform for up to 10 users. Create knowledge (Speks) on-the-go to store any frequently asked questions or processes, product information or policy for your team and surface them instantly from any workflow.

What else is now included with Spekit for free?

  • Accessibility on ALL browsers 
  • One-click Salesforce integration
  • The Spekit knowledge base (wiki) and onboarding sequences
  • Enable Spekit “help icon” on any application
  • Salesforce Data Dictionary
  • Spekit for email productivity (share & copy content) 
  • NO CODE required setup 

Check out the full list of available features and functionality on our pricing page here.

Ready to get started? Click here to get started for FREE right now.