Say “Hello” to Optimized Structure and Organization with Topics


We’ve completely redesigned the UI of the Spekit app, Chrome Extension and hover boxes to streamline the experience and add functionality. 

In the extension, quickly browse by Topic to find the answers you’re looking for. You’ll find an easy to navigate search box at the top with starred favorites at the bottom. 

Throughout the app you’ll notice cleaner lines, added white space and an optimized experience, making it easier than ever to find the answers you need, when you need them! 


We’re thrilled to introduce Topics to Spekit. Topics allow you to structure and automatically surface the most relevant content in the exact time and place it’s required.

Using Topics

For example, let’s say your new sales rep, Laura, needs to quickly learn how to create an opportunity in Salesforce.

When she navigates to the opportunity in Salesforce, Spekit will surface the three most relevant Topics in a sequence to guide her through opportunity creation.  Each Topic has multiple Speks that offer tips on everything from assigning the decision maker to creating a contract. 

Thanks to Topics, Laura knows exactly how to create the opportunity without ever having to search for an answer! 

Features and Benefits of Topics

1. Instantly surface a Topic and its Speks on the most relevant domain(s) by associating the topic with URLs. All Topics associated with a particular domain appear automatically so you can quickly dive into the content most relevant to you.

For example, if I want to ensure my Outreach onboarding guides display whenever a rep logs into their Outreach dashboard, all I have to do is associate the Topic with the Outreach URL and voila! The Topics automatically appear upon reaching the associated URL.

This Topic to URL linking functionality applies across all your apps, allowing teams to seamlessly navigate across tools with the same user-experience.  

2. The Spekit Wiki is automatically bucketed by Topics with the ability to browse all Topics or dive into the Topic most relevant to you. All associated Speks are sorted under Topics for easy access to the content you’re seeking. 

3. Quickly see all existing Topics in your Wiki view and watch as Topics auto-populate when associating a Spek.

4. Icing on the cake? You can customize each Topic with its own title, icon and definition explaining exactly what content you’ll find within each.

Democratizing Knowledge One Release at a Time

With each release, we continue our mission to arm teams around the world with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, fast.

But, we couldn’t do it without your help and support! Please give us your feedback as we progress along this journey. If you have any comments, questions or just want to say, “hi!,” you can always reach us at

Thanks and happy Spekking!

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