Spekit Launches Spotlights to Help Remote Teams Onboard, Communicate Crucial Changes and Announcements

  • Farm Credit Services joins leading organizations using Spekit’s digital adoption and enablement platform to drive productivity, adoption and efficiency. 
  • Spekit launches Spotlights to help teams onboard faster, drive changes easier and communicate smarter.
  • Spekit welcomes experienced SaaS leader, Andrew Bothwell, as new VP of Sales to support expanding customer base.

Spekit Launches Spotlights to Help Remote Teams Onboard, Communicate Crucial Changes and Announcements

DENVER, September 29, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Today, Spekit, the leading digital adoption and enablement platform, is launching its newest feature, Spotlights, to help teams communicate smarter with in-app alerts that welcome employees to their tools and keep them aligned as processes, enablement and business evolve.

From SaaS to airlines to financial services, Spekit has powered businesses with the means to drive change, accelerate learning and increase productivity as teams transitioned to digital-only work environments.

“Employees are inundated with new information from dozens of channels on a daily basis,” said Zari Zahra, co-founder and Head of Product and Technology at Spekit, “resulting in crucial updates, training or announcements getting lost, dismissed or forgotten. The pandemic only exacerbated this challenge at a time when communication is critical to success. With Spotlights, we wanted to make it insanely easy to push changes, new resources or updates to your team the moment they need it – directly within their workflow.”

Now, teams powered by Spekit have access to a new feature helping employees further adapt to a fast-changing environment. By giving companies control over how, when and where changes, training and announcements are communicated, they leverage the Spekit platform to communicate process changes, share policy updates, new resources and more.

Businesses flock to Spekit to work smarter in the cloud

Companies are beginning to recognize a slip in productivity since transitioning to remote. Employees who were accustomed to asking a coworker for answers now must wait hours for an email or Slack response. New processes that were once communicated and enforced in person are happening through Zoom and quickly forgotten.

This shift has accelerated the need for a hybrid digital adoption and enablement platform that replaces low-retention, hard-to-access, outdated training methods with self-guided, contextual, in-app training that’s accessible in any tool, instantly.

“We want to empower our end-user to make decisions and learn what they need to know, especially through COVID. Before all this, they could just swivel their chair to a coworker and ask for help but at home, how do you do that?” said Dan Ritch, CIO at NorthMarq. “Now, Spekit has become our swivel chair. Our team can hover over any Spekit icon wherever they’re working and instantly get the answers they need.”

This year, as the pandemic pushes the world to digital, a slew of high-growth companies including Farm Credit Services of America, which serves 571,000+ customers nationwide, have chosen to adopt Spekit to optimize how they enable their teams – from anywhere.

“Our plans to roll out Salesforce to 1,800 users changed drastically when the pandemic hit. As we were vetting solutions to support this, Spekit quickly separated itself from others in this space,” said Logan Thomeczek, Vice President of Sales Enablement at Farm Credit Services of America. “Self-sufficiency is critical during these times and Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, surfacing relevant sales content at our team’s fingertips and empowering them to get answers on their own, instantly. Because Spekit is so intuitive, it has led to our teams being confident and embracing, not only our sales technology but also our sales strategies.”

Seasoned SaaS executive Andrew Bothwell joins Spekit as the VP of Sales 

To support this monumental growth, Andrew Bothwell, a seasoned SaaS executive and experienced leader in the digital adoption and customer experience markets has joined Spekit as the new VP of Sales.

In this role, Andrew will drive the development and execution of go-to-market strategy and deliver sustainable top-line growth to the business with new and existing customers.

Bothwell’s more than 10 years of leadership experience in sales, depth of industry knowledge and proven ability to build high-performing teams will be a valuable asset in growing Spekit’s customer base.

“As businesses face today’s extraordinary challenges, enabling your team to be as productive and efficient as possible has never been more essential to the success of an organization,” said Bothwell. “I’m energized to join Spekit at this pivotal stage of growth and help bring Spekit’s innovative solution to leaders who recognize there’s a better, more effective way to train and enable their teams.”

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