Target your training, process updates and change communication with Teams in Spekit

You likely have dozens of teams (Chatter Groups, System Admins, Marketing Users, etc.) set up in Salesforce to personalize views, permissions and experiences. 

Ever want to send a process update just to one of those teams? A training update to the System Admin in US vs. Europe? Now, you can. 

Introducing: Spekit Teams

With Teams, don’t reinvent the wheel. Leverage your existing permissions in Salesforce to generate teams in Spekit. Use these teams to easily personalize your content and communication.

For example, you could:

By changing any user’s team, you can manage the…

Getting started with Teams

Assign experts to manage content for a specific team so whether you’re brainstorming with a specific department, sharing a private update or onboarding a team with info that shouldn’t be shared with the whole org – teams have you covered.

The best part? Setting it up is as easy as connecting with your Salesforce org. Ready to check it out? Reach out to our sales team ( to get started with teams today!