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Digital Enablement Solutions

The digital era is here to stay, and in order to keep current with an ever-evolving technology landscape, businesses need the help of digital enablement solutions to solidify the success of their digital transformation program. With the average organization averaging around 100 applications in their tech stack, there’s never been a better time to evaluate today’s digital enablement solutions to increase digital adoption and uncover new business process efficiencies to enhance your employee experience.

Before evaluating digital enablement software, it’s important to create or take another look at your digital strategy by first identifying the outcomes most important to your business. From there, choose the technology that will best help you achieve your desired results. With the right technology in place, total digital adoption is possible and a critical element for success.

Many businesses struggle with onboarding employees to new software, which make digital enablement solutions particularly beneficial. It’s important to remember that training employees on new technology shouldn’t be a one-time event. Instead, learning is life-long and best served contextually in digestible formats that employees use in their everyday life.

When employees are presented with just-in-time, micro-learning it becomes easier than ever to achieve digital adoption and move your digital transformation efforts forward. As you begin to evaluate the best digital enablement solutions, keep in mind the trainers and enablement managers who will oversee the technology rollout plan. They should have a seat at the table to voice their opinions on which enablement platforms will be the easiest to introduce to the company.

Digital Enablement Vs Digital Transformation

Digital enablement is the key to successful digital transformation, as it aids and supports your overall technology implementation efforts. When comparing digital enablement vs digital transformation, it’s important to remember that digital enablement reinforces and brings your digital transformation strategy to life. Whether you’re deploying AI and machine learning tools or chatbots and CRMs, the technology you choose for your organization must be supported and used by your teams to achieve the outcomes set up in your initial digital transformation strategy. For this to happen, you need a successful technology enablement and digital enablement program.

If you’re trying to understand technology enablement, just remember that it focuses on using the tools you chose to help move your goals forward. Ideally these tools will streamline your internal teams’ day-to-day operations.

The easiest way to explain digital enablement’s meaning is to think about all of your tools and technology, how they work together, and the process of choosing a solution to manage and bring it all to life. This can include hosting sales enablement content and training programs along with metrics around knowledge retention and effectiveness. With an all-in-one digital enablement platform, it’s easy to deliver training resources to employees directly in the apps they use most.

Confused about technology enablement and digital enablement vs digital transformation? You’re not alone. Just remember they’re not interchangeable. Successful digital transformation depends on choosing the right software to ensure employees use your technology to its full potential.

Digital Enablement Services

While there are plenty of digital adoption platforms available to train employees on new technology, digital enablement services take adoption a step further and exist to help you navigate the journey of implementing new technology. Outside of training, digital enablement services extend learning for the long-term and help businesses achieve a positive ROI as part of their journey to digital transformation.

A digital enablement manager is someone who works closely within or for an organization to support the workforce and oversees defining, designing, developing and implementing digital enablement solutions. This can include managing existing programs as well as overseeing the rollout of new platforms. Typically a digital enablement manager works closely with the sales enablement team, or in some cases, is the same position.

Ideally, the sales enablement manager is someone who develops the content and training programs for sales teams, while the digital enablement manager takes things a step further to evaluate platforms for sales training programs and closely monitors digital adoption progress. This position might also manage technical enablement as well.

If you’re asking, “what is technical enablement,” it’s more about putting your preferred technology and tools to the best use possible. With the digital landscape changing so rapidly, IT teams often need help from technical enablement teams and digital enablement managers to maintain progress.

Digital Enablement Platform

Whether you’re in the early stages of learning more about digital enablement platforms or think you’ve found the perfect solution to your digital enablement needs, here are a few things to consider when trying to choose the best digital enablement software.

Does the digital enablement platform allow employees to access sales enablement content within the apps they’re using? For example, if a team member is working in Salesforce, do they have to leave Salesforce to find an answer to a question? Look for a digital enablement solution that delivers content directly in the app where the employees are working.

Is it searchable? The best digital enablement platforms will have a robust search function for employees to use when looking for answers quickly.

Does it offer out-of-the-box, customizable content on popular software tools like Salesforce, Outreach and LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Choosing a platform that offers free training resources makes it easy to get employees up-to-speed quickly.

Does it combine the functionality of a knowledge management system, a learning management system and content management system in one offering? Not all digital enablement platforms have this capability, so look for a solution that can host your content, simplify change management, and ensure digital adoption to get the most out of your investment.

Having a well-executed platform enablement strategy allows employees to feel more confident in their jobs rather than waste time searching for information. Confused about the platform enablement meaning? Think of it as the process of bringing the best mix of tools to life through implementation or design. Once in place, your data and business needs are housed together for easy measurement that allows you to pivot when necessary. Platform enablement does just as it sounds and enables employees to work smarter with the help of a chosen digital platform.

Digital Enablement Program

A successful digital enablement program is one that serves as the framework for how employees will adopt new technology, how it will be measured, and outlines the duties of enablement managers and trainers.

Digital adoption doesn’t happen overnight and is only one phase of a digital enablement program. Training teams on software tools is part of digital adoption, but to fully get there, employees need to understand why the tools were chosen, how to use them to be better at their jobs, and begin using them the way they were intended. This latter step is typically missing with many digital adoption platforms that exist just to train employees on new software and is why a digital enablement platform is necessary to fulfill your digital transformation goals.

In addition to digital adoption, your digital enablement program needs to include plans for long-term learning and hosting sales training resources that go beyond onboarding. Think about how to measure the effectiveness of your training program. If employees aren’t retaining information, this will come to light with regular assessments and evaluations.

When your digital enablement program is off and running, employees have access to the sales training resources they need, can use their applications to the fullest potential, and are self-sufficient. With these benefits in place, sales reps can onboard faster and begin selling more quickly, generating revenue faster for the organization.

Digital Enablement Salesforce

Today’s customer experience is a far cry from decades ago, as people highly value personalization and expect sales reps to remember just about every experience and conversation they’ve had with a customer. To do this effectively requires a combination of the right CRM and digital tools mixed with your own processes to capture customer interactions. Known as digital engagement, the touch points and experiences a customer has with your brand can be of particular value if tracked correctly and can augment the relationship between sales rep and customer.

To effectively monitor the customer experience can be a challenge; however, and is why digital enablement for Salesforce users is particularly valuable. This CRM leader can transform your workforce, but not all organizations understand how to use Salesforce to its fullest potential and leave missed opportunities on the table.

When used to its maximum potential, Salesforce makes it easy for sales reps to recall critical information at every stage of the funnel. Tracking customer data and digital engagement in Salesforce can lead to increased customer satisfaction by helping customers feel connected to the businesses they support. This is especially helpful in B2B sales, where relationships are ongoing long after the close of a sale.

Salesforce makes it easy for reps to enter data and track digital engagement. Salesforce Sales Cloud provides multiple tools in one solution to automate sales processes, manage leads and track the progress of prospects as they move through the funnel. If you’re unsure about how to get started, a Salesforce digital engagement implementation guide and Salesforce digital engagement messaging resources are great examples of the types of content you can expect to find in a leading digital enablement platform.

Digital enablement is the future of workplace learning and quickly becoming an expectation for businesses to adopt in order to retain top talent, create a positive customer experience, and generate the sales they need to be a leader in the marketplace.