Diversity and inclusion

Our commitment

Working to create a world where everyone has a sense of belonging

At Spekit, we know that diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results. As female founders, we were lucky to have people who supported us early in our journey. To pay it forward, we’ve committed as an organization to elevate underrepresented minorities in technology through awareness, partnerships and scholarships to do our part in changing the status quo.

Our commitment

The Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship

Partnering with three incredible female-founded companies, we launched the Diversity at Dreamforce scholarship to send under-represented business owners to Dreamforce with an opportunity to launch their brand and learn with advisory hours from female leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

I found my dream job while 6 months pregnant.
Here’s why you can too.

“The number one fear for pregnant women looking for a new position is they’ll get passed over (even if they’re the most qualified for the position). The remaining fears (at least for me) we’re all some variation of this. But, this experience shows that great companies – the ones you want to be a part of – care only about hiring the best people and are willing to make upfront sacrifices on their end to support a larger, long-term vision of hiring the best people for their organization.”

How to do your part

Female Founded Enterprise or SaaS Companies

It is our responsibility, as leaders and future leaders, to start taking proactive steps within our organizations and beyond to increase the odds of seeing maybe one more woman or on that list in the coming years.

To support that effort, we’ve compiled a list below of women-led enterprise software companies in SaaS.

Women-Owned Salesforce Partners & AppExchange Companies: A Running List

My friend Mel Fellay (the founder of Spekit) and I were thinking about organizing some kind of event for female founders, and it struck me that I don’t know very many female entrepreneurs in the Salesforce ecosystem. So I turned to Google – and started compiling a list of every woman-owned business related to Salesforce that I could find.

So, without further ado… here’s the list. It’s sorted by number of certified consultants and how long they’re been in business.

Partnering with leaders in diversity and inclusion

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% partners are leading organizations committed to encouraging the early stage companies they work with to make giving back a priority. As part of our commitment to this organization, Spekit offers a 20%…

The CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

The Diversity Pledge

The Startup Diversity and Inclusion Pledge is a roadmap for building a diverse company and inclusive culture that will increase success and returns.

Invest in Parents

The Invest In Parents Pledge is a movement initiated by working family advocates and family-forward organizations committed to supporting, protecting and investing in working parents — especially during this period of uncertainty. Employers and individuals who sign the Invest In Parents Pledge commit to advocating for and supporting working parents to help them participate in, remain in, and thrive in the workforce. 


As an investment and promise to our employees and future workforce, Spekit has signed the Pay Equality Pledge, Tech Hiring Commitment, Diversity Commitment and Pledge to Thrive on Glassdoor

Women in Business Club

Spekit is currently partnering with the Women in Business Club at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Builder to help support a community where women feel enabled to network, grow professionally, and help generate gender equality in the workforce. Spekit is currently sponsoring events such as speaker engagements, workshops, and an inside look into the tech community through the eyes of female co-founders and those that support gender equality and growth in this industry. 

Us in Technology

By partnering with US in Technology, Spekit is committed to onboarding minorities and underrepresented communities in all departments such as sales, marketing engineering, and more by hiring, retaining, and developing their talent in the tech industry.