The future of digital adoption is digital enablement

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What employees needed was a platform that combined all the impactful building blocks of learning together to help them learn faster and work smarter.

Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-founder at Spekit


If you only train employees on functional processes—how to use a particular app, for example—you teach them what to do, but not why they should do it. To drive long-lasting change, employees should understand why they’re doing something and how it ties into broader company processes and strategies.

Ann-Renee Thrash, Training and Documentation Specialist


Using Spekit means we can now deliver information right when the rep needs it, reducing retraining requirements and driving a much higher return-on-effort from my enablement team.

Whitney Sieck, Sr. Director of Revenue 
Enablement at Outreach.io


Failure to innovate is one of the most significant business challenges facing CEOs. Yet, 70% of all change initiatives fail. Learn how NorthMarq drives digital transformation by reinventing the way people work, changing their experiences, and altering mindsets.

Dan Ritch, SVP of Technology & Innovation at NorthMarq


Employees forget 50 percent of the information presented in a training session within one hour. Learn how Southwest Airlines leverages the best of in-person and virtual to create efficient, effective, and engaging onboarding programs that drive retention.

Kara Factor, Sr. Specialist, Training at Southwest Airlines


We designed our digital enablement strategy with Spekit to reclaim wasted time. If reps aren’t having to hunt for information, they can focus on what they’re good at—building relationships with carriers.

Amy Contreras, Head of Learning, Engagement, & Development at 
Uber Freight


When working at a large company, sometimes your voice can be lost in the noise. “Big Swing” ideas are pushed aside for the safer alternative. When an opportunity arose to join Hippo in 2019—an Insurtech company bent on transforming the home insurance sector into the digital era with an inherent focus on what’s best for the customer—I knew I had to take it.

Eric Smith, Senior Manager of Training at Hippo Insurance

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