Features Overview

Spekit Features

Everything you need to deliver powerful just-in-time enablement and drive revenue growth across teams in one platform.


Automate the painful parts of content creation so you can create, sell, and enable 10x faster.

Simplified illustration of an Embedded Spek titled "Stage 1: Qualifying an Opportunity".


Equip employees with bite-sized learning embedded directly in their tools.

Simplified illustration of the Chrome Extensions showing a Spek titled "Revenue Onboarding".

Browser Extension

Access, search, or add to your Spekit knowledge base across any web-based application.

Simplified illustration of a Spotlight highlighting a process change.


Communicate change, share new resources, and highlight key announcements.

Simplified illustration of a Knowledge Check question and an answer selected and highlighted

Knowledge Checks

Simple, short, in-app quizzes that help you understand the effectiveness of your training and identify areas for additional training or support.

Simplified illustration of the Spek Management dashboard highlighting a stale and cold Spek that should be updated.


Track overall activation and support content governance with performance and engagement analytics at the user, team, and content levels.

Simplified illustration of Spekit Topic cards

Knowledge Base

Centralize your company’s knowledge, seamlessly organize by topic, tool, or team and make it instantly accessible in any workflow.