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Only 70% of the knowledge learned during training is retained. With knowledge a click away, your users can learn as they go about their daily workflow, with answers accessible from any tool.


Spekit “help” icons reinforce your training and processes inside any tool

What if your Sales Process & Methodology training lived next to their fields in your CRM? What if your competitor battle cards popped up when that competitor was selected in Salesforce?

“I have an offshore team in India that I manage, and since I am not there in person to answer all of their questions they love Spekit! They use Spekit to search for anything they might need help with and they will find the full procedure in there! Now as we release new processes they are requesting to put the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.”

Letty Carmaco

VP of Operations

I’ve honestly never seen a tool as quickly accepted and loved as Spekit was by our group – it was awesome. The only feedback our users gave was “More!” and “Why didn’t we have this when I started”?

Libby Magliolio


“Our end-users were onboarded smoothly and saw immediate benefits from using this tool. By integrating knowledge directly into the systems they use on a daily basis, we’ve been able to empower our team to be more self-sufficient and centralized content in an easy-to-use, searchable database that lives in their workflows vs. a more traditional LMS or corporate drive.”

Rachel Fisher

Director, Sales Operations and Enablement

“After purchasing and rolling out Spekit to our 450 employees in just four business days during COVID, I just couldn’t stop bragging about your “white glove” approach to Customer Service.

Daniel Ritch



Eliminate emails, chats and costly training hours with in-app alerts

New Process change? New field in Salesforce? New case study in your CMS? Keep your team aligned and communicate these updates when they’re most relevant to them with in-app notifications in any tool.

Streamline tool onboarding and drive adoption with step-by-step walkthroughs

Handhold employees through new tools and processes with the easiest to create walkthroughs in the industry that reinforce crucial knowledge, right where your team is working.

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