Knowledge Base

Equip your teams with a centralized, self-service knowledge base and assets

Arm your reps with a single source of truth

One place to house and access enablement materials, product information, forecasting guidance, and more.

Icon of a circle in the middle with five connected circles on the outside

Provide a centralized knowledge base that’s accessible from anywhere, at any time

Make up-to-date knowledge instantly accessible to increase rep efficiency and deal velocity.

Meet your reps where they’re at with just-in-time coaching

Embed the resources stored in the Knowledge Base into the tools your reps use every day to give the right knowledge, to the right people, at the right time.

Prevent misinformation coming back to bite you (and your pipeline)

Leverage easy-to-read dashboards to identify resources in need of a refresh before prospects are led astray by outdated information.

See the ROI of your tech stack sooner

Let Spekit take the hassle out of creating training content for tool rollouts. We offer pre-built, customizable training content that you can upload and start using today.

A contextual knowledge base your team will be eager to use

Don’t leave it up to your employees to figure out where information lives. Spekit’s Knowledge Base organizes and delivers content to the right employees, at the right time, and helps you understand how employees are engaging with the resources created to empower them. Here’s how:

In the Spekit Web App, 'What is Zendesk' Spek is highlighted within the Zendesk Topic, accompanied by six more Speks with additional information on Zendesk.

Sort Speks into meaningful bundles of related content that live in a central location

Organize Speks in a Topic sequentially by team (Sales), theme (Onboarding), or tool (Salesforce) for easy-to-follow learning paths.

Associate Topics with applications to show up in the flow of work

For on-the-go knowledge and resources, contextually associate Topics with the applications your employees work in every day so they get exactly what they need, when they need it.

In the Spekit Sidebar, you'll find contextually relevant HubSpot topics displayed over the HubSpot user interface. These topics are specifically associated with the HubSpot URL.
Snapshot of the Search Dashboard within the Spekit Web App. The dashboard provides insights into search trends over time, the most frequently used search terms, and the users who conduct the most searches.

Manage content, users, permissions, settings, and analytics from one place

Put the final touches on the Spekit experience so it’s just right for your employees, such as by updating who can access certain types of content, or using data captured in dashboards to understand who’s engaging with what.

Embed Knowledge Base content directly in your tools

With our Speks and Sidebar, you can deliver your Knowledge Base content to employees, no matter where they are working. Embed Speks directly in the UI of tools you already use, or quickly search your Knowledge Base content using the Sidebar.

Spend less time creating content

Creating custom content is quick and easy with our AI-powered authoring capabilities and our free, customizable content templates

Spekit’s Knowledge Base makes our customers’ content easier to find, share, and use

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