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Eliminate legacy knowledge. Welcome to easy knowledge sharing.

Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit

Access knowledge from anywhere, at any time

Easy to create and manage for faster, smarter teams

Surface your knowledge in Chrome, Outlook, Slack and more

Make knowledge instantly accessible when and where questions arise.

Structure and personalize content by Topics or Teams!

Personalize and target your content based on tools, teams, location and more to give the right knowledge, to the right people, at the right time.

Measure content engagement to identify gaps and opportunities

Know who is consuming your content and how often to analyze the impact of training on behavior and performance.

Knowledge sharing made easy

Stay organized

Centralize training across the organization within a single platform so employees always have a single reference point for the answers they need.

Capture knowledge

Create new training in seconds, directly from within the application you’re using, to turn one time questions into evergreen answers.

Assign experts

Assign subject-matter-experts to create and maintain content based on their areas of expertise to simplify the content creation process.

Access anywhere

Reinforce your processes, policies, tool training and procedures wherever your team is working.

Track analytics

Analyze who is consuming your training and instantly collect feedback on content to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Manage change

Welcome your team to new processes, communicate updates, share resources and drive your business forward with real-time, in-app alerts.

I have an offshore team in India that I manage, and since I am not there in person to answer all of their questions they love Spekit! They use Spekit to search for anything they might need help with and they will find the full procedure in there! Now as we release new processes they are requesting to put the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.

Letty Carmaco

VP of Operations

Spekit is a best in class, best efficiency, productivity and adoption driving tool that promotes and enhances the user experience while offering easy administration to help us ensure content is updated, useful, relevant and accessible!

Ann-Renee Thrash

Training and Documentation Specialist

“In a word, Spekit has transformed the way that we bring training and knowledge to our team. Prior to implementing Spekit, our users were required to mine for process information in a host of file formats (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF) stored in various file repositories including Salesforce, network shares, and local storage. This frequently led to frustration, additional overhead in the form of service tickets, and delays in task completion. With Spekit we have supercharged our learning and adoption processes by having information in a consistent format in a single place that is well organized by topic and easily searchable.”

Ross Pennington

Salesforce Business Analyst

“After purchasing and rolling out Spekit to our 450 employees in just four business days during COVID, I just couldn’t stop bragging about your “white glove” approach to Customer Service.

Daniel Ritch


Get started in minutes with free, out-of-the-box training content

Spekit for CPQ

We partnered with top Salesforce MVP and CPQ expert Brad Gross to create Spekit for CPQ training on all the basics including quoting, products and more.

Spekit for NPSP

We partnered with top Salesforce Non-Profit Consulting Partner, OpenTent to create the Spekit for Nonprofit Success Pack out-of-the-box training content.

Spekit for Lightning 101

The Spekit for Lightning set of training includes 50+ templates for the common questions your users are likely to run into. Customize them to your needs.

Spekit for Financial Services Cloud

Customizable training and FAQs on the basics of Financial Services Cloud in Salesforce.

Driving Adoption of Changes in Salesforce

Tips and best practices to simplify Salesforce and drive user adoption including enforcing changes and how to keep your team aligned.