Communicate changes and updates with in-app notifications

Spotlights make it easier to drive and train on changes.

Foster alignment with agile, measurable change management communications.

Make sure the right people see your updates

Target Spotlights to reach specific teams such as sales and marketing, or broader groups like “new hires” and “all US teams.”

Create self-guided learning experiences in your tools

Share getting started guides, best practices videos, or training resources when new hires use a tool or start a process for the first time.

Reinforce changes at the time of need

Share updated guidance and resources exactly when they’re needed — whether that’s ASAP or only when an employee performs a specific task.

Eliminate the “I didn’t know” excuse

Drive accountability with real-time analytics that share who has engaged with or repeatedly dismissed your Spotlights.

Deliver the right information to the right people — when and where they need it

Implementing a new tool? Rolling out revised processes? Trying to get eyes on a new piece of collateral? Spotlights communicate these updates directly in the flow of work so employees are never out of the loop. Here’s how:

Communicate changes contextually

Notify employees based on the context of the update. If there’s a critical communication that everyone needs to know about ASAP, push the Spotlight so it’ll show up on any browser tab. For specific updates, like changes to a Salesforce field, configure the Spotlight to only appear on a specific page to remind employees about the change when it’s relevant to their work.

Enable employees with relevant resources

Make sure employees get the full story by sharing related resources with in-app notifications. Direct employees to other Spekit content like Speks, Topics, Flows, and Knowledge Checks, or link them to external resources, like LMS courses.

Onboarding Spotlight in Workday. The Spotlight says "Welcome to Workday! Watch this video to get started."

Make notifications available for as long as they’re needed

Set Spotlights to appear indefinitely to support evergreen needs, like sharing resources with a new employee when they use a tool for the first time. For time-bound updates, like reminding employees to complete compliance training by the deadline, set an expiration date for the Spotlight.

Measure engagement with notifications

See who’s viewing or snoozing announcements with real-time analytics. With Spotlights, you can quickly report on who’s seen your notification, if they engaged with it, and for how long, so you can put an end to the question “Is anyone reading this?”

Spekit Web App - Spotlight analytics with data by the individual.

Spotlights help customers streamline and track their communication efforts

“Spekit has changed the way we communicate internally, especially how we distribute information to our Sales and Customer Service teams. Our previous systems didn’t provide data and visibility on the hit rate for information sent out to teams. For example, we sent out a Spotlight internally for a new hardware product. 75% engaged, we could look into the analytics and pinpoint the people who didn’t engage and reach out to them.”

Steven Fazio • Head of Projects and Support Operations

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