Triple your revenue growth with marketing and sales alignment

Aligned sales and marketing teams report 3x more revenue growth. Spekit surfaces persona cards, case studies, campaign guidance, event notifications, and more directly into your team’s flow of work to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness.

Less than 25% of salespeople exceeded this quota last year. Marketing works hard to create messaging and resources to help them reach targets, but reps struggle to find the right messaging and resources when needed. In fact, sales reps spend an average of 3–11 hours per week searching for answers or resources on tools, processes, and information. This misalignment only widens as the pace of business multiplies, pressure mounts as pipeline stalls, and close rates drop. Spekit closes the gap between sales and marketing. With Spekit, marketers can automatically feed sales reps the most relevant and impactful messaging and resources — without disrupting productivity. See why marketers using Spekit help their sales reps realize a 20% higher quota attainment.

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Create a marketing-fueled revenue engine by embedding personas, case studies, and messaging where sales plays happen

Free your marketing content from the chaos of Google Drive, intranets, PDFs, CMS platforms, and Slack messages. Spekit puts your marketing resources, collateral, processes, best practices, and more at your employees’ fingertips to maximize engagement and impact.

“Having Spekit is a confidence boost for the entire organization. In fact, in our last eNPS scoring, we ranked the highest for providing the resources and knowledge employees need to perform at their job.”


Consolidate your marketing content into a single, accessible platform

Tired of answering where to find case studies, upcoming events, testimonials, or the latest product videos? With Spekit, creating and updating content in Spekit is as simple as writing an email. Centralize your marketing resources with Spekit and make them instantly accessible from anywhere.

“It is not fun creating Word docs. Someone might edit it by mistake or not have access to it. With Spekit, creating content is super intuitive. You can embed quizzes and videos to teach people, but you can also entertain them with gifs and stuff to have fun with it.”


Spekit Web App showing a Topic containing marketing case studies.
Spekit Browser Extension showing LinkedIn Topics in the Sidebar

Stop losing winnable deals by ensuring every rep is using updated marketing messaging and resources

Ever hop into a sales call and see a rep prospecting with a deck designed two years ago and an outdated pitch? Spekit keeps sales and marketing aligned and singing the same tune by making it incredibly easy to access updated marketing messaging, collateral, and branding. With Spekit, every resource is a simple click or search away from wherever employees are working.

“You can disseminate information directly into your team’s workflow. You can deliver updates the moment things change. You can improve retention by surfacing information after onboarding. Spekit becomes the one platform your team is familiar with to reference for continued learning.

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Reduce repetitive questions by 50% so reps can spend more time selling, and you can get back to marketing

Tired of repetitive, “Where do I find the latest deck? What are our branding guidelines? Can you send the most updated one-sheet?” questions? With Spekit, reps always know where to find the latest resource, FAQ, or messaging. Reclaim wasted time and make “check it in Spekit!” your new company motto.

“Look no further, Spekit is the best. Being able to scale onboarding has been a game-changer. We’ve been able to reduce the amount of time we are spending responding to questions in Slack by creating content in Spekit and sending Speks.

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The Spekit difference

Spekit maximizes the impact of marketing by making it incredibly easy for teams across the organization to leverage all of the resources, guidance, and messaging marketing creates. Gone are the days of repetitive questions, context-switching, and outdated marketing resources floating around the organization. Spekit is your always-on marketing companion, helping to drive the success of every employee.

Find any answer, anywhere you’re working

Your sellers can access up-to-date knowledge and resources in seconds.

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Training automatically embeds in-app

Embed marketing resources, messaging, and quick guides in tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, and more.

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In-app alerts for crucial updates

Change is constant. Keep your team up-to-date on new processes, policies, and more with in-app alerts.

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Out-of-the-box content

Get started in minutes with customizable training content on the most popular tools.

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Real-time analytics

See what content reps are engaging with, searching for, and where they’re struggling to quickly identify gaps.   

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Knowledge checks

Quickly assess the retention of information without disrupting productivity.

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Customizable, out-of-the-box content for marketing teams to get started in minutes

Salesforce Lightning 101 Training Manual

Salesforce is complex. Spekit makes it easy. Customize out-of-the-box training content and surface that training in-app.

Getting started with Outreach

Customizable training on best practices for using Outreach including navigation, adding prospects to a sequence, managing opportunities, and more.

Getting started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The ultimate, customizable playbook for getting your reps prospecting and driving pipeline in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

How much is context-switching costing your organization?

Teams are using more applications to get work done than ever before. The result? Employees must “toggle between different apps and websites 1,200 times each day!” Find out what context-switching is costing your organization with our quick calculator.

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