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A lot is riding on sales enablement’s shoulders

Spending all your time creating and updating training content but feeling like reps still aren’t grasping it? Or worse, ignoring it! A growing remote workforce and rapid organizational changes also mean you are being asked to ramp up new reps even faster — all while trying to help your existing reps pivot efficiently and become more effective. And now, you’re being asked to do more with less budget and headcount while consolidating your tech stack. Sales enablement struggles are real.

Spekit is the just-in-time-learning platform designed for how sales reps actually learn — in the moment. Spekit embeds your company’s knowledge and processes into the tools your sales team uses every day, saving critical time previously spent searching for answers, context switching, or sitting through training sessions. Drive tool adoption, enable new or tenured reps, and dramatically improve knowledge retention with Spekit.

Spekit amplifies your enablement efforts

Spend less time answering repetitive questions and more time driving revenue-generating activities.

Scale a winning sales enablement program with Spekit

Spekit empowers sellers to become more productive and effective in their roles by delivering bite-sized process guidance directly into tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Clari, Outreach, and more so they can ramp quickly and sell confidently. With Spekit, you can be certain data is entered correctly — and hold your reps accountable.

Not just another sales enablement tool

Spekit’s powerful features help sales enablement teams drive rep impact while freeing up more time to measure program effectiveness and strategize for the future.

Cut onboarding time in half with Spekit’s sales enablement software

Pie chart showing 20%

20% higher rep quota attainment with Spekit

50 percent graph

50% less time communicating new initiatives and changes

Create and update training content in minutes

You’re spending so much time and effort creating training content; Spekit makes it easier and more effective. Create bite-sized, on-demand training via Speks in seconds, directly in the Spekit web app, or any application you’re working in.

Ramp new sales reps 50% faster with self-guided training

Spekit delivers knowledge without disrupting revenue-generating activities. Speks embed directly in Salesforce, Outreach, Workday, and more to help reps stay in the flow of work while learning new tools and processes.

Stop getting ghosted by your sales team

Spekit gives you many ways to automate reinforcement and deliver critical to reps. With Spotlights, you can communicate announcements and remind reps to follow through with personalized training paths so you can keep up with ongoing organizational changes.

Spekit Knowledge Check on CPQ and GDPR qith the statement "Under GDPR guidelines, I don't need consent if an individual is part of a bulk campaign". False is selected.

Prove the value of your enablement programs

With Spekit Analytics, assessing the health of your content is intuitive and straightforward. Built-in analytics monitor the engagement and effectiveness of your training materials. Data visualizations help you quickly see what’s working and identify ways to level up your sales training initiatives.

Spekit Web App Analytics showing the Spek View dashboard.

The Spekit difference

The Spekit just-in-time learning platform for sales enablement lets you quickly document your sales processes and methodologies to empower your reps where they’re selling and save you from constant interruption.

Spekit is simple, contextual, and powerful.

How tenured reps drive more revenue with Spekit

How new reps ramp quicker using Spekit

Free out-of-the-box templates for sales enablement tools

Salesforce CPQ 101 Training Template

Salesforce CPQ is complex. Spekit makes it easy. Customize the out-of-the-box content template and surface that training in-app.

Getting Started with Outreach Template

Customizable training on best practices for using Outreach including navigation, adding prospects to a sequence, managing opportunities, and more.

ZoomInfo Best Practices Playbook

The ultimate, customizable playbook for advanced ZoomInfo search, best practices on Scoops, Tags, syncing with Salesforce, and more.

How much is low sales productivity costing your organization?

Can you put a dollar amount to how much your unproductive reps cost you? Get insights into your sales team’s productivity levels and opportunities for improvement with this handy impact calculator.

Calculate Your Team's Productivity Gap Speki

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Copado cut onboarding to less than 90 days with Spekit.

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Greenlight Guru streamlined six software rollouts in a quarter.

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Sendlane generated $3.7 million in pipeline in 6 months.

Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit