The future of learning at work is just-in-time

Learning at work is broken, and you’re feeling the pain.

The world and how we work have changed. Yet, we still rely on technology modeled on decades-old methodologies that were designed for a classroom — not how we work. It’s not making your team more efficient and productive. In fact, they’re spending a mind-boggling 3–11 hours (or more) per week searching for answers.

You’re not maximizing your investments in people, process, or technology.

  • You waste time and effort creating training content that no one uses and quickly goes stale
  • Your team is less productive because scattered knowledge makes it hard to find the answers they need
  • Your reps don’t retain critical information due to single-use long-form content and ‘fire-hose’ learning

Just-in-time learning is the key to helping your team avoid information overload, access knowledge when needed, and immediately put what they’ve learned into practice.

What is just-in-time learning?

Just-in-time learning is an individual and organizational approach to training employees that delivers the right information at the right time. It’s a more effective way to learn, designed for how teams work today.

It’s simple, contextual, and powerful.


Bite-sized content that’s easy to update, consume, and scale


Content, knowledge, and training delivered where and when you need it


Personalized to increase retention and improve individual performance

Learning at work is broken. Just-in-time learning is the answer.

Just-in-time learning helps employees become exponentially better every day with contextual, bite-size knowledge, delivered where and when they need it. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about just-in-time learning, including how learning and development leaders from organizations like Slack and Snowflake use it as a key asset in their toolboxes.

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What are the benefits of just-in-time learning?

Just-in-time learning increases your team’s productivity and efficiency — driving revenue growth and employee development. It helps you to adopt new technology and processes better, implement change management, and achieve successful everboarding.

Technology and process adoption

Consider the budget you’re spending on tools to help your team be successful. Are you getting value out of your investment? To fully achieve value, you must pair technology adoption with process enablement. Just-in-time learning merges product with process to simplify adoption, understanding, and improve data quality.


The job of your sales team gets more challenging every day. And we expect sellers to learn and remember complex product information, sales processes, and to ramp faster than ever before. Everboarding — onboarding plus continued reinforcement — is critical to driving revenue growth. Just-in-time learning lets you easily communicate information exactly when your sellers need it, whether they’re brand-new or a tenured pro.

Change management

Change is an inevitable part of how we work today. Many businesses are struggling with the pivot to remote work and adapting to new processes and technologies faster than ever. Just-in-time learning lets your team be agile, providing ongoing information on macro and micro changes with bite-sized reinforcement with the right context.

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