Meet Melanie (Mel) Fellay

“Female co-founders shouldn’t be a rarity but rather an evolution of the entrepreneurial spirit so many girls possess as young adults but are unsure how to unleash. Together we can move past the antiquated archetypes and set the new standard for women in tech everywhere.”

Mel is leading the revolution to shatter the glass ceiling and unleash the full potential of every employee.

Described as having “unshakeable grit and a thirst for solving complex problems,” Mel has devoted her professional life to advancing a vision of a world where every employee has access to the knowledge they need to be successful, exactly when and where they need it. 

Fascinated with the science behind how we learn and absorb information, Mel uncovered glaring gaps between how employees are traditionally trained in the workplace and how humans actually retain knowledge. 

She co-founded Spekit to solve this challenge, creating the only platform designed around how people learn – in the moment of need. Flipping the script on the outdated LMS courses, PDFs, and lengthy training sessions of the past, Spekit automatically surfaces answers and training directly within the applications or workflows where questions arise. Never again must an employee leave what they’re doing to get the resource, guidance, or support they need. 

Today, the world’s most innovative companies, including Uber Freight, iHeartMedia, Southwest Airlines, and Invesco, rely on Spekit to maximize the growth and impact of their employees. The company has raised $60M in venture funding from a suite of notable investors, including Craft Ventures, Felicis, Operator Collective, Matchstick Ventures, Renegade Partners, Foundry Group, Bonfire Ventures, and Dan Scheinmann.

Along the journey to reinvent learning at work, Mel actively shares the trials and tribulations of scaling an organization as a female founder. From overcoming imposter syndrome to embracing radical candor to leading a team with your heart first – she is redefining what it means to be a “boss lady” in a male-dominated world. 

This unconventional and transparent approach to leadership has garnered international attention, including the honor of being named a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Women of Influence, and features across Crunchbase, Fast Company, Business Insider, and more. 
To learn more, follow Mel and Spekit on their mission to elevate women in technology while disrupting the billion-dollar learning industry.

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Non-profit work

The Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship

Partnering with three incredible female-founded companies, we launched the Diversity at Dreamforce scholarship to send under-represented business owners to Dreamforce with an opportunity to launch their brand and learn with advisory hours from female leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem.

CU Women in Business Club

Spekit partners with the Women in Business Club at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Builder to help support a community where women can network, grow professionally, and help generate gender equality in the workforce.

What is Spekit?

Our vision

We imagine a world where learning happens naturally in the flow of work with knowledge that is contextual, personalized, and instantly accessible. Where employees maximize the minutes of their lives and are empowered with resources to achieve their goals. A world where learning at work is as easy, joyful, and instantly gratifying as it is in our personal lives. 

Our mission

To build a world where every employee has the knowledge and training they need to be successful in their roles, the moment they need it.