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Why partner with Spekit?

Minimize time-to-value for clients

Set up Spekit in minutes with one-click integrations and customize out-of-the-box training content on solutions like CPQ, Salesforce Lightning and more to maximize adoption.Comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family

Impress clients with that “wow” factor

Instead of a one-time training or long manual that goes stale after days, leave behind an easy-to-manage in-app training solution that supports them as they grow.Keep your pearly whites shiny with full dental coverage

Drive revenue with managed services

Offer Spekit at a 20% discount as an add-on to your existing packages for end-user support, change management and adoption.Team happy hours, dinners, picnics, events and more

Scale training across multiple clients

Easily customize and reuse all of the incredible documentation you’ve already built with a few clicks in Spekit to get started in minutes.Take the time you need to have a balanced and healthy life

Spektacular Benefits

Increase your ROI per project

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every client. Recycle your documented expertise with every client in minutes. Less time spent on support = more new projects. Leave behind a wealth of easily accessible knowledge that ensure clients for life.

Maximize end-user adoption

Maximize adoption of your implementations by guiding users every step of the way with contextual knowledge, search and help-text.

Reinforce learning in any tool

Complement training with individual Speks that answer questions in the moment.

Quickstart documentation with free content on popular tools

Customize pre-built training content to start empowering your remote team in minutes. Or, chat with us to learn how our implementation team can migrate any existing content for you.

How we make it easy for partners


Contact us for a free account

Customize free content or create your how-to’s, step-by-steps, acronyms and more you can reuse across clients.


Set up a new client account in minutes

Import the training of your choice from your Spekit account into a new org.


Customize training to their needs

Document any objects, fields, picklists, etc. of your choice.


Automatically see training surface in-app

Our Chrome extension automatically surfaces the training where it belongs in Salesforce or any tool.


Hear partners and customers react to the Spekit product and team

Learn how our customers enable their remote teams with Spekit

Southwest Airlines® drives productivity, accelerates learning, and communicates process changes in Salesforce with Spekit

MURAL chooses Spekit to enable and empower their remote team during hypergrowth

JLL saves time and boosts efficiency with Spekit’s seamless in-app learning platform

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