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With Spekit, your reps can spend more time selling, get coaching in the tools they are already working in, and find answers to their questions fast — without disrupting their flow.

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Employees think Spekit is genius. They don’t need to hunt for answers in a giant wiki anymore — they can just use Spekit, no matter what page they’re on in Salesforce, or if they’re in Slack or a different app. They like it so much better than having to search for answers in a completely separate tool.

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Jack Michel


My day went from answering question after question to saying, “Oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Michael Longsinger


So powerful! I've wanted a weapon like this for the last 12 years of my sales career. Instantly enabling you to reload your attack strategy while on the phone, taking the complicated and making it simple, great work, team!

Ryan Jackson


With Spekit, we were able to grow our sales team from 2 to 20 in just 6 months. Plus, we've generated $3.7 million in pipeline and have already closed three quarters of a million in that timeframe because we've been able to ramp up reps so fast.

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Keegan Otter


What makes our enablement platform so spektacular?

Deliver coaching in the flow of work

Spend less time answering repetitive questions and more time driving revenue-generating activities.

Simplified illustration of an Embedded Spek titled u0022Stage 1: Qualifying an Opportunityu0022.

Speks equip employees with bite-sized learning embedded directly in their tools

Simplified illustration of the Chrome Extensions showing a Spek titled u0022Revenue Onboardingu0022.

Our Sidebar enables one-click access to resources

Simplified illustration of a Flow in Salesforce telling the viewer to select and opportunity from the list.

Flows guide employees through new and updated processes and tools

Create more pipeline with just-in-time revenue plays

Put your personas, revenue plays, battlecards, and more at your reps' fingertips.

Simplified illustration of Spekit Topic cards

Topics organize and order your Speks

Simplified illustration of the prebuilt content, with ZoomInfo FAQ Topic highlighted.

Out-of-the-box content decreases time spent on content creation

Simplified illustration of a Spotlight highlighting a process change.

Notifications and Spotlights push announcements directly in-app

Drill down to understand gaps and coaching opportunities

How effective is your content? Who needs more training? Uncover actionable insights with Spekit.

Simplified illustration of a Knowledge Check question and an answer selected and highlighted

Knowledge Checks quickly measure understanding

Simplified illustration of a bar chart

Analytics show what’s working — and what’s not

Simplified illustration of the Spek Management dashboard highlighting a stale and cold Spek that should be updated.

Dashboards highlight fresh, popular, and out-of-date content

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