Stop the Repetitive Questions from Your Field with Spekit Sales Enablement Software

If you’re responsible for Sales Enablement in your organization, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of spending a lot of time and effort onboarding and training reps — only to be bombarded with questions via email and Slack because your reps didn’t retain the information (or were multitasking during the training you provided).

But it’s not their fault.

The world as we know it has changed dramatically. Over the last few years, we’ve seen:

Organizations have seen an overwhelming 900% increase in SaaS

Remote work means that tapping on shoulders or buddying up is much more difficult

More sales software = more frequent process changes to keep up with

On top of that, their quotas are high, they are expected to onboard faster, and they also need to ramp up on the technical expertise to sell the product. It’s a lot of pressure — and the pressure falls on your shoulders to set them up for success.

And that pressure translates to you — because your team is ultimately responsible for enabling your reps for success. To do that effectively, you need a sales enablement software that can meet your team where they are learning, providing insights and knowledge exactly in the moment they need it.

Cut onboarding time in half with Spekit sales enablement software

Spekit is the new way sales teams learn at work. It delivers exactly the information your reps need, at the moment they need it, in the app they are using. Spekit makes it easy to train remote teams, share best practices, and reinforce processes.

Spekit helps your team:

  • Eliminate the time you spend answering ad-hoc questions by delivering real-time insights across any web-based application.
  • Save time and effort with prebuilt, customizable content for your core tools like Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, ZoomInfo, and Sales Navigator.
  • Scale your limited resources with an easy-to-use sales enablement software that lets you share knowledge and best practices in a few clicks of a button.
  • Analyze how your reps are learning, adopting process changes, and where they might be getting stuck.
  • Drive adoption in Salesforce and across your tech stack.

It’s not just another tool

It is a powerful way to take your existing software stack to the next level and reach your goals with the limited resources you already have.

Drive sales revenue and productivity with just-in-time learning

Reinforce your sales playbooks, battlecards, and processes wherever your team is working — Salesforce, Seismic, Slack, etc. — with embedded Speks.

Your sellers will be equipped with the necessary information they need to drive deals forward without every needing to leave their native workflow.

Spekit is the sales enablement software that works with the tools you are already using.

With Spekit, you get a seamless learning experience across all your applications. It’s easy to connect so you can start enabling your team in minutes. And you can access free, customizable training content on your most used apps to cut down on the time you need to start seeing value.

Our one-click Salesforce integration requires no code and no data access.

Spekit’s Chrome extension lets your team access knowledge on any webpage.

Create a knowledge base in Slack so your team can search answers and share resources without ever leaving Slack.

Intelligently deliver content to your sales team and optimize performance.

Answer questions and access training on the go.

“Using Spekit means we can now deliver information right when the rep needs it, reducing retraining requirements and driving a much higher return-on-effort from my enablement team.”

Whitney Sieckㅤ·
Vice President Revenue Enablement at