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Salesforce In-App Guidance

Salesforce in-app guidance is a form of user assistance that helps users complete tasks or solve problems by delivering contextual information while they are working within an application.

And while studies such as the Forgetting Curve by Ebbinghaus have shown that employees will forget up to 70% within one day of learning through traditional corporate training, contextual learning helps to combat the retention problem by presenting bite-sized information in the flow of work, so users have a more concrete basis of understanding.

Add to that, a 2020 study found that 79% of employees prefer to learn while doing versus sitting through extended training sessions.

This approach is particularly helpful when managing information at scale within a modern workforce, such as with a sales team that uses Salesforce. In-app guidance can train new users on how to use the platform and provide assistance for more experienced users. 

For example, within Salesforce, in-app guidance could be anything from a tip that explains what type of information goes into a particular field to contextually delivering specific battle cards or case studies to a sales rep based on the opportunity stage of the prospect they’re currently speaking with. Being armed with the exact information they need, that sales rep will then close deals at a higher rate.

In essence, when leveraging in-app guidance, teams using Salesforce can close deals more effectively because they are using their tools more efficiently. They’ll also have a higher level of enablement support when on sales calls and while working with prospects, which allows them to focus their efforts on closing those opportunities.

Let’s dive into some applications of Salesforce in-app guidance and provide a framework to help admins determine the best ways of implementing a contextual learning system for their teams.

Salesforce In-App Guidance Setup

There are a few different methods for deploying in-app guidance. Salesforce offers integrations with a variety of applications and enablement software. But which option is best for your organization largely depends on how your team is made up and the level of technical resources you have available both immediately and for ongoing support and development.

The first option is to leverage either internal or external development resources to code and integrate a custom solution. While going this route allows you to have a high level of customization in the way it’s set up, it’s also a highly technical process that requires specific knowledge, experience, and training both to set up and to manage.

Fortunately, there is another option that makes setting up in-app guidance within Salesforce easier than ever. Using an enablement platform like Spekit allows you to create custom Salesforce in-app guidance without the need for complex integrations or development. Using an intuitive visual interface, admins and users can easily create and manage topics and content on-screen, choosing what help content shows to which users and what actions or locations will trigger those helpful messages. 

This removes the need for custom coding and integration, reducing both the administrative and technical burden created by a custom solution. The ease of use for non-technical users, combined with the low amount of time it takes to create this sort of content, makes on-screen editing a popular choice for many organizations.

On top of that, creating in-app guidance in this way allows you to surface helpful content that can be displayed in the flow of work, giving sales reps information they need without cluttering up their screens with unwanted advice or distractions when it’s not required. This ensures a consistent level of sales productivity and engagement throughout your entire sales team. 

Salesforce In-App Guidance: Walkthrough

Because admins can now create Salesforce training content themselves without having to pass all changes through a development team, there’s no need to watch a Salesforce in-app guidance video to figure things out. This simplicity removes a lot of technical and administrative requirements that were previously necessary to create a Salesforce in-app guidance walkthrough for example. Today, it’s easier than ever to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform with digital enablement platforms..

There are several different forms in which the content can be presented relating to in-app guidance. This could be a single prompt that shows when a user reaches a specific screen; an announcement or alert that’s visible to everyone when they log in; or a walkthrough, which is a series of prompts that are tied together to take a user through a specific workflow. You may need to introduce them to an area of the platform that requires more than a single message to explain appropriately. Leveraged this way, digital enablement solutions that offer Salesforce in-app guidance can help quickly and seamlessly onboard new users without the need for cumbersome traditional training programs.

Walkthroughs are one of the most valuable tools that you can include in your guidance knowledge base. They allow users to understand new features and capabilities within an application, allowing them to quickly skip steps or even take advantage of whole new areas of functionality that they might not have been aware of previously.

The best part is that when you use a digital enablement platform to handle your Salesforce in-app guidance walkthroughs, it can all be managed in an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly create and edit training content in real time, without waiting for a developer to implement your updates.

As a bonus tip: for Salesforce in-app guidance to be effective, it’s crucial that you have a clear understanding of your sales process and how it relates to the platform. You’ll want to keep this information on hand as you go through setting up content to ensure proper alignment between sales rep activities within Salesforce and the sales guidance they receive.

Salesforce In-App Guidance vs. WalkMe

Up until recently, there were very few methods for delivering walkthroughs to your users within Salesforce. A common approach was to build out guidance content using a tech-heavy custom integration. Platforms such as WalkMe enabled this and lowered the initial barrier to entry, but it still required you to be highly technical or hire someone who was. This meant limited resources and extensive maintenance costs.

On top of that, this method required developers to build out and maintain each unique piece of guidance. While companies were able to extend their platforms with the help of outside integrations such as WalkMe, there was still a great deal involved in deploying these custom solutions at scale for multiple users.

The good news is that there are now better options for Salesforce in-app guidance vs Walkme. Salesforce is no longer just for the technical elite. Spekit’s enablement platform makes it possible to create and deliver in-app guidance yourself — even complex content such as a walkthrough.

It’s easy to use, doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge or custom development, and you can easily deploy this content across your entire sales team without having to worry about costs related to scaling or maintenance. It even allows non-technical Salesforce admins to deploy walkthroughs in just a few simple steps.

Just pick the type of guidance you want (for example: a single message or a multi-step walkthrough) and indicate where it should appear. Then, select your audience — either everyone using the platform or specific groups depending on who will be seeing it most often. Content will even follow the changes in field placement automatically. 

Compare that to the previous method of custom integration, and it’s apparent that the new, no-code way of creating and deploying Salesforce in-app guidance is a huge step forward for enabling companies of all types to use the platform more effectively.

In-App Guidance Salesforce Pricing

When it comes to price, in-app guidance solutions have also come a long way in recent years. As mentioned above, this type of functionality was previously only available through custom integrations and required extensive technical resources to deploy and maintain at scale — all of which increased costs exponentially with each additional user or group that needed access. It’s not uncommon for this sort of custom Salesforce development to run up into the mid-six figures and even into seven figures for more extensive customization.

Today, digital enablement platforms have completely changed the game. Not only are they simple to use and deploy for everyone involved in managing content within Salesforce (not just developers), but they also provide all of the same capabilities as custom integrations without requiring external resources or increasing maintenance costs by scaling up with additional users.

And now that there’s no barrier to entry for creating and deploying in-app guidance, you can get started without having to worry about the astronomical costs of scaling up.

In addition, digital enablement platforms like Spekit allow you to deliver contextual messages on top of the built-in guidance content — empowering companies with even more ways to use their Salesforce platform effectively.

With all these benefits available at a fraction of the cost, in-app guidance in Salesforce is no longer just for big businesses. Spekit’s in-app guidance Salesforce pricing is accessible to companies of all sizes.

Salesforce In-App Guidance and Spekit

Spekit is among the best digital enablement solutions that adds even more features for delivering contextual content through walkthroughs on top of Salesforce in-app guidance. If you’re looking for a way to supercharge your Salesforce learning and digital adoption platform, Spekit is the perfect choice.

Spekit helps companies quickly and easily deploy guided tours right on top of their Salesforce dashboards without any coding or development experience required. This gives everyone an easy way to deliver messages on top of any part of the Salesforce application they’re using, leading to more effective adoption and use of all your resources.

Spekit also provides key capabilities for delivering training materials through built-in modules such as FAQs, videos, or even gamification features that keep users engaged with their learning — giving you everything you need in one complete platform.