Optimize Sales Performance with Spekit + Seismic

The just-in-time learning platform that delivers contextual, in-app training

  • Reinforce trainings by surfacing your playbooks contextually
  • Accelerate onboarding with in-app step-by-step guidance
  • Drive adoption of your tools and reduce repetitive questions

An AI powered sales enablement platform that equips sellers with content to win deals

  • Store and organize customer-facing content
  • Surface content to your sales teams to send to prospects
  • Track insights on content engagement

"Timing is everything when sales is engaged in competitive deals. With Spekit and Seismic, reps have access to competitive intelligence at the moment of need, which increases the effectiveness of every interaction. This integration will decrease sales cycles and increase win rates."

Aaron Clark

Revenue Systems Enablement Manager, Greenlight Guru

The current sales environment requires more time-consuming work than ever causing an adoption challenge with content. By providing access to Seismic via Spekit, we have created a quick and painless way for reps to get what they need without leaving their workflow. Better adoption and productivity means win rates increase and sales cycles decrease. It’s a no-brainer.

Marjie Howie

Sales Enablement & Training Manager, Level Access

Two simple ways to access Seismic content from Spekit

Spekit points you right to the content you need in Seismic


Embed your sales resources right where your reps need them

Avoid repetitive questions. Ensure every sales rep has access to up-to-date resources in their native workflow.


Increase cross-selling and upselling in CPQ

Provide talking points and marketing collateral directly to your sales team.


Never lose a competitive deal again

Keep battlecards and talking tracks right at sellers’ fingertips.


Send prospects the most engaging content, always

Never hear the question, "what should I send?" again. Equip sellers with the content that will close the deal every time.

A match made in heaven

Combine Spekit & Seismic to intelligently deliver content to your sales team and optimize performance.