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There are 1000+ ways teams use Spekit’s just-in-time enablement platform to drive revenue. Check out some examples we see the most.

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Salesforce release notes and change management

Share release notes, changes, and updates in real-time to drive alignment.

MEDDIC Reinforcement

Sales playbooks and methodologies should live where sales plays happen. Reinforce MEDDIC where reps are prospecting with Spekit.

BANT Guidance and Reinforcement

Prospecting happens in real-time; your playbooks and processes should too. Reveal BANT discovery questions in the moment of need.

Persona cards and messaging

Reveal the right persona messaging, at the right time, in LinkedIn, Salesforce, Outreach or anywhere your reps are working.

Surface SOPs beside fields, terms, or picklist values

Reinforce your SOPs in Salesforce Service Cloud or any application to drive process adherence and maximize rep and agent productivity.

Objection handling

Reveal objection-handling tips where objections occur in Outreach, LinkedIn, Salesforce and more.

Onboarding agents in Zendesk

Onboard new agents 50% faster in your customer support platforms with training reinforced when and where they need it.

Competitive enablement and battle cards

Surface competitive battle cards while reps prospect in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outreach.io or any tool.

SKO Reinforcement

Reinforcement SKO training, coaching, resources, and process after SKO ends to drive retention and adoption.