Faster, smarter Salesforce walkthroughs have arrived. Introducing: Flows

Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit

Walkthroughs. Supercharged.

“Smart” Flow creation

Create Flows in seconds with Spekit’s unique auto-capture functionality.

Connected across tools

Guide employees across multiple tools within a single Flow.

Zero code required

No technical expertise required! If you can write an email, you can create a Flow in Spekit.


Repetition drives retention. Access all available Flows instantly with the Spekit sidebar.

Faster, smarter walkthroughs for faster, smarter teams

Automate onboarding with step-by-step guidance

Use Flows to walk new employees through an onboarding experience like creating opportunities in Salesforce.

Magically generate Flows in seconds, not days

Unlike traditional solutions, creating a walkthrough in Spekit is as simple as writing an email. Click “Start” and navigate through the flow you’d like to create! Click “Save” and Spekit automatically generates the Flow for you; zero coding or technical expertise required!

Works everywhere - instantly

Reinforce process changes right where they occur

Your processes are changing constantly. Introduce and guide employees the moment they go to complete a new process with Flows that walk them through the changes step-by-step, right within their workflow.

Handhold employees through workflows across apps

Your team works across applications. So should your training. Connect your Flow across applications to walk your team through, for example, updating a contact in Salesforce and then adding it to a sequence in Outreach.

Drive adoption in Salesforce and across your tech stack

Significantly boost the adoption of your tools by helping employees understand how to navigate the most valuable features and processes in real-time.

Analyze how step-by-step walkthroughs drive behavior and success

Use analytics to measure how Flows impact behavior and performance. Quickly iterate and refine to design engaging employee experiences and ensure success.