Spekit + HubSpot: Better Together

Maximize the results of your revenue team with Spekit & HubSpot

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Give your revenue team superpowers with just-in-time enablement

Building efficient and effective revenue teams is harder than ever. In fact, less than 25% of salespeople exceeded their quotas last year. And your marketing team is building content and programs that are going unused. Forrester reports that a whopping 70% of what marketing creates is wasted. But studies show that aligned sales and marketing teams report 3x revenue growth.

You can’t afford to let your investments in sales and marketing — including HubSpot — go to waste. Spekit empowers revenue teams to become exponentially more successful, knowledgeable, and faster at their jobs by delivering bite-sized enablement and training directly into their flow of work so they can confidently achieve their goals.

Make every rep your top-performing rep

Ineffective onboarding and training are costing you time and money. Your reps will forget 90% of what they learn a week after onboarding.

With Spekit, you can onboard new reps in half the time, reinforce critical knowledge, and announce important updates — all without disrupting productivity or taking them “off the floor.”

Significantly improve forecasting and data accuracy

Struggling with dirty data? Reps who aren’t following processes? Gone are the days of lengthy training sessions or long documents that no one uses.

Spekit makes it easy to drive organizational change by guiding your GTM team through new processes as they enter data into HubSpot — reducing repetitive questions and ensuring a high level of data quality and accuracy.

Turn company knowledge into revenue

Documentation and training can be a heavy burden — it’s time-consuming, instantly outdated, and no one bothers to reference it.

With Spekit, your company’s GTM knowledge and processes are never more than a click away. Create training in seconds and customize it with video, embedded files, links, PDFs, and more. Spekit improves your team’s productivity and efficiency by surfacing the information they need at the moment they need it.

Alleviate the burden on your marketing and revenue operations teams

Is your Ops team struggling to balance ticketed work and end-user support with strategic projects that will make a big impact?

Spekit enables you to set up your sales and marketing teams to self-service by embedding process knowledge directly into HubSpot. Ops teams can gain back time previously spent answering repetitive questions and cleaning data so they can spend time on more meaningful projects that will drive your business forward.

Assess gaps and enforce accountability

It can be difficult to understand where your team is struggling.

With Spekit’s Knowledge Checks and real-time analytics, it’s easy to reveal what’s sticking, as well as areas for improvement. Spekit’s insights also help you hold your team accountable for following processes and best practices.

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faster rep ramp time

3–11 hours

saved searching for answers

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higher quota attainment

The Spekit + HubSpot difference: Maximize success without impacting productivity

Enablement when and where your team needs it

Spekit turns inaccessible, long-form tool training into continuous everboarding by resurfacing crucial knowledge and guidance in-app.

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Real-time notifications drive alignment

Communicate change, share new resources and updates, and highlight key announcements with in-app alerts.

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Search for answers, content, and campaign info in any app

Drive productivity by empowering your team to access knowledge, guides, and processes in any application.

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Track your team’s knowledge retention

Deliver short quizzes directly into your team’s workflow to understand if your content resonates and track progress.

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Deliver the info your revenue team needs where they are working

Maximize your team’s effectiveness by integrating your content with Slack, Chrome, Seismic, Okta, and more.

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Assess gaps and enforce accountability

Measure the impact of your content and develop strategies to improve your team’s success with real-time analytics.

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