Spekit for Sales Leaders

Increase quota attainment with higher rep productivity, efficiency, and confidence

Less than 25% of salespeople exceeded their quota last year. Make every rep your best rep by surfacing the knowledge necessary to close deals right when and where they need it.

Building efficient and effective sales teams is harder than ever

We’re using more tools and processes than ever before to get work done

The average SaaS company uses 254 apps. – Productiv’s 2021 report

Leading to longer ramp times and lowered productivity

Employees toggle between apps 1,200 times each day. That adds up to four hours each week spent simply reorienting yourself. – Entrepreneur

Leading to low adoption and confusion

76% of companies said poor adoption of sales tools is a top reason teams miss their sales quotas. – Allego

Which leads to high turnover

On average, sales reps churn every 18 months — then you start the process all over. – HubSpot

Spekit breaks the cycle, empowering every rep with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful directly within the tools they use every day.

Spekit delivers quantifiable results in a matter of months

20% higher rep quota attainment with Spekit

50% less time communicating new initiatives and changes with Spekit