Migrating to Salesforce Lightning? Spekit makes it easy.

Free Salesforce Lightning 101 content
One-click integration to Salesforce
Automatically embed training in Salesforce
Lightweight, no code implementation

Spekit solves the documentation challenge by making its creation so easy, it’s almost like they can read my mind! And with in-browser support, that documentation is right at the users’ fingertips, no matter where they are – in Salesforce, in an email, or any browser-based application!

Eric Dreshfield

VP, ITEquality

We’ve been using Spekit and do not remember life before this solution. As a consulting company, we’re using Spekit with our clients to provide a better customer experience while going through an implementation. We are excited to see Spekit continuing to grow and evolve as a solution.

Jocelyn Fennewald

COO & Co-Founder at OpMentors

The Ohana of App Partners! Our favorite new phrase at work is, “there’s a Spek for that!” When documentation and the dissemination of that documentation to end-users becomes an easy and fun process, you’ve got a win/win for all involved!

Nana Gregg

VP, Sr. Salesforce Administrator, JLL

“After purchasing and rolling out Spekit to our 450 employees in just four business days during COVID, I just couldn’t stop bragging about your “white glove” approach to Customer Service.

Daniel Ritch


Migrate to Salesforce Lightning with Spekit in 3 easy steps…


In one-click, automatically pull in your existing Salesforce fields and objects for documentation in Spekit.

Build training as you go around the fields already in your Salesforce instance. Connect to Spekit using a sandbox environment for easy testing before launching in production.


“The training was really bolstered by the fact that you can put that information in front of them again. The Spekit logo embedded within Salesforce became a natural part of the Lightning environment. It ceased to become this new thing and was instead, simply what I use when I have questions.”

Todd Tribble,
Vice President, Sales Operations and Enablement


Start documenting while in Classic so everything is ready when you flip the switch to Lightning.

Spekit works in both Classic and Lightning. Instead of trying to document everything all at once, start your documentation in Classic so it’s ready when you flip the switch to Lightning. Because Spekit is linked to your objects, fields and picklists, content will automatically appear next to the terms you’ve defined in both versions.


Import Spekit’s free, out-of-the-box Salesforce Lighting 101 training templates and customize to your business.

Signup for Spekit and automatically import free Salesforce Lightning training content to kickstart documentation creation. No need to write everything from scratch. Simply customize the templates to meet your specific needs and launch training in hours, not months.

Spekit Automates the Time-Consuming Parts of Training

Without SpekitWith Spekit
Time consuming: Weeks/months creating new taining content to help users learn how to use Salesforce Lightning.One-click documentation: Out-of-the-box Salesforce Lightning 101 training templates. Simply import and customize to your business.
Disconnected: Training housed across Google Docs, video libraries, LMS solutions and disparate tools.Centralized: Update training once, in a centralized platform. Training will automatically surface when and where teams need it.
Decreased productivity: Users have to leave Salesforce if they get stuck to search for help or ping the training team.Instant answers: Training and help is embedded directly within Salesforce next to the associated objects, fields and picklists.
Communication gaps: No way to communicate in real-time when content has changed or a process has been updated.Real-time updates and notifications: Instantly update users of changes to keep your team on the same page and reduce Salesforce inaccuracies.

Hobsons Provides Continuous Learning to Support Salesforce Lightning Migration With Spekit

“You can disseminate information directly within your team’s workflow. You can deliver updates to your team the moment things change. You can improve retention by surfacing information after onboarding.”

“Spekit becomes that one platform your team is familiar with to reference for continued learning. It increases efficiency across the board for the whole company.”

– Todd Tribble,
Vice President, Sales Operations and Enablement, Hobsons

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