Effective change management starts with reinforcement

Change Management Software for Salesforce CPQ Rollout

Drive alignment with real-time change communication

Tired of repetitive questions? Sick of rolling out changes that nobody seems to use? Change management is inevitable and essential for company growth, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Meet Spekit – your partner in seamless and effective change management.

Reduce employee resistance to change with support at their fingertips

With Spekit, training doesn’t have an end date. Employees can confidently embrace changes, knowing that whenever a question arises, the answer they need is only a click or a hover away.

Trigger in-app alerts and guidance exactly when and where changes take place.
Include engaging videos, embedded files, images, and more.

“Spekit is literally a game changer, it’s the difference between a map and Sat-Nav (i.e. a Map is only any good if you know where you are!), you are going to LOOOOVE it!”

paul guyer

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Increase adoption of new processes and tools

If employees can’t remember how to do something, odds are they won’t go digging through recordings and PDFs to find the answer. Spekit makes it EASY for them to adopt new changes, with support, coaching, and guidance every step of the way.

“Spekit has been so much easier for us. With an LMS, you have to create this huge course module that can be really burdensome. Spekit gives me much more freedom. Right now, I can make a Spek in the middle of a meeting…I don’t have to follow the structure and flow of an LMS in that case. Instead, I can do whatever works for our team.”

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Surface short, multiple-choice assessments in under five minutes without disrupting productivity.

“Knowledge Checks add another layer of impact to our onboarding process. With Spekit, our reps are already learning while doing. Now we can use these bite-sized assessments to improve retention day-to-day and ensure reps stay on track, rather than waiting to administer a lengthy certification.

katy todd

Increase self-sufficiency and reduce repetitive questions

Employees will forget 70% of the information you presented during training within a day. By contrast, they’ll retain 65% of what they learn by doing. Enable your employees to learn on their own terms to maximize retention.

Now, the minute somebody wonders, “Hey, what’s this field?” they don’t have to hunt anywhere. With a single click, the information is there contextually, or instantly searchable. No more emailing us questions, no more digging for information or wasted time clicking through tabs for answers.

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