Spekit for digital adoption

Do you have a digital adoption strategy? If you don’t, your investments in people, processes, and technology will be down the drain.

DAPs are great for illustrating the steps in a process. However, they fail to address larger learning challenges that help your employees become more productive and efficient.

Go beyond showing users where to click with Spekit. Our just-in-time learning platform empowers employees to learn and apply knowledge in their flow of work to drive improved use of your business-critical tools and deliver better results.

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The importance of a digital adoption strategy

You may be implementing software to help your teams, but as the number of tools grows, the burden falls more and more on the employee.

If you don’t make it impossibly easy for them, they will resist adoption and your investment will fail.

There are many reasons your employees are resistant to adopting new technology:

They don’t understand the “why”
They don’t see what’s in it for them
They see the process as a burden and feel like they don’t have time to learn a new way to do something

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Do you need a DAP?

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) provide in-app guidance via product walkthroughs to support tool adoption.

A digital adoption platform is a software layer integrated on top of another software application or website to guide users through tasks and functions.

Digital adoption platforms aim to:

Help new users quickly learn how to interact with a website or application
Assist returning users in learning newly added functionality
Improve onboarding for users and drive adoption of features that may otherwise go ignored

The traditional approach to digital adoption

Traditionally, DAPs have been used to support digital adoption. While DAPs are wonderful for taking a user step-by-step through a process, they aren’t the best way for a user to actually learn, retain, and apply new information. Why?

DAPs aren’t how people want to learn. People don’t like being pushed to click through a process. It’s disruptive and it’s not how we naturally learn as adults.

DAPs don’t provide your employees with the context on “why” they are learning something. Without context, serving a walkthrough at a time someone at an arbitrary point in time is delivering information that is doomed to be forgotten.

DAPs don’t enable your employees. When it is time for your team to actually apply the new information, a DAP doesn’t know to resurface the information at the point that it’s needed.

How is Spekit different?

Spekit goes beyond showing your employees where to click. It is a user-friendly, no-code solution that helps companies become exponentially more efficient by reducing friction and barriers to learning so your team can recoup time lost spent searching for critical information, answering repetitive questions, and sitting in long training sessions.

Our just-in-time learning platform delivers bite-sized knowledge and training when and where your employees need it — directly in their flow of work across the tools and applications they use every day so they can excel at their jobs and drive real business outcomes.

Spekit is simple, contextual, and powerful.

Spekit vs. DAP

Embeds training contextually, in-app✔️
Robust course authoring✔️
Easy content creation and editing✔️
User engagement and behavior analytics✔️✔️
Quizzes and assessments✔️✔️
Fast, streamlined implementation✔️
Ability to communicate small and large changes and announcements in real-time✔️
Step-by-step walkthroughs✔️
Surfaces knowledge in multiple ways (in-app, search, embedded, etc.)✔️
Centralized knowledge base or repository✔️✔️
Slack integration for quick search and new knowledge creation✔️
Native Salesforce integration✔️
Certification and accreditation management✔️✔️
Supports various content formats (PDF, MP4, HTML, etc.)✔️✔️
Localization and language translation✔️✔️
Gamification (badges, points, awards)✔️
Out-of-the-box, customizable content templates✔️

Learning at work is broken. Just-in-time learning is the answer.

Just-in-time learning helps employees become exponentially better every day with contextual, bite-size knowledge, delivered where and when they need it. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about just-in-time learning, including how learning and development leaders from organizations like Slack and Snowflake use it as a key asset in their toolboxes.

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Spekit modernizes digital adoption for your organization

With Spekit, you can go beyond just showing your employees where to click. Spekit helps them actually learn the new process, retain it, and apply it to their day-to-day work, making adoption faster and your employees more successful.

✔️ Create content from anywhere in Chrome

✔️ Embed training into any app

✔️ Create a step-by-step walkthrough in seconds

✔️ Search for answers without leaving the app you’re already working in

✔️ Easily communicate updates with your team

✔️ Check your team’s knowledge retention

✔️ Track engagement with analytics and feedback

✔️ Get ROI quickly with out-of-the-box content

Tool adoption

Spekit enables you to surface content intelligently into any workflow or tool — directly within the tools they are using every day. With Spekit, you can introduce your employees to new tools, communicate updates where they are working, and share content with your team. Track engagement with analytics to understand where there may be gaps or reinforcement required.

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Change management

Like it or not, change is constant. Spekit reduces the friction and barriers to adopting change, learning new processes, or finding critical information by delivering bite-sized training directly into the apps your team is working in — like Salesforce, Slack, and more.

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Onboarding & everboarding

Make every employee your best employee with Spekit. Cut your onboarding time in half and maximize retention and engagement by delivering the knowledge they need to do their jobs successfully without disrupting their work. Spekit enables you to easily reinforce best practices, tool training, and more so they can be successful and productive fast.

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Spekit is the first just-in-time learning platform designed for how we work today

There is a lot of uncertainty right now, but you don’t need to be uncertain about your team’s processes or your data. Spekit reduces friction and barriers to adopting change, learning new processes, or finding critical information by delivering bite-sized training directly into apps they are spending their time — like Salesforce.

Spekit is a simple, yet spektacular way to train your team, roll out changes, improve the efficiency and productivity of your customer-facing teams, and drastically improve your data quality.

With Spekit, your team is efficient, productive, and focused — and you have confidence that your data is accurate so you can make better decisions about what is working and what is not in your business.

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Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit

Spekit saves time and boosts efficiency with seamless in-app learning