Employee onboarding — reinvented for the modern workforce

Ineffective, outdated training methods cost you time and money 

Employees will have forgotten 90% of what they learned a week after onboarding. In contrast, they’ll remember 65% of what they learn by doing. Struggling with long ramp times, decreased engagement, and low productivity?

Maybe the problem isn’t the training content but the method of delivery. Spekit is the just-in-time-learning platform designed for how employees actually learn — in the moment. Spekit embeds your company’s knowledge and processes into the tools your team uses every day, saving critical time previously spent searching for answers, context switching, or sitting through training sessions. Drive change, promote best practices, ensure tool adoption, and easily onboard new employees with Spekit.

Make every employee your best employee with Spekit

1. Easily create, consolidate, and organize training

Copy over and create new training modules in minutes. Add videos, images, links, and more to create engaging content.

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2. Guide employees through new tools and processes

Walk employees through new processes step-by-step with training reinforced in their day-to-day workflows.

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3. Access all of your training and resources from anywhere

Employees can access your entire knowledge base with a simple search from any application in Chrome or Slack.

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4. Analyze and assess to identify gaps and increase retention

Assess retention with quick multiple-choice quizzes that surface in-app. Real-time analytics reveal engagement and progress.

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Onboard new employees 50% faster

Onboard employees step-by-step as they’re using a tool or completing a process for the first time.

Segment by tool, team, geography, and more to personalize the onboarding experience.
Include videos, embedded files, images, and more.
Easy editing and authoring by multiple experts.

Our time to onboard has been cut in half. The tool also saves our product, engineering, and CS teams countless hours per month answering the same 50+ questions over and over again.”


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Reinforce critical knowledge contextually, wherever your team is working

The average employee spends 3–11 hours each week searching for answers. Spekit automatically embeds training in tools like Salesforce, Outreach, HubSpot, and more to eliminate context-switching and give your employees their time back.

Embed training across tools without a single line of code to turn one-time onboarding content into bite-sized microlearning.
Automatically track new fields and changes with the one-click Salesforce integration.

“With Spekit, we were able to grow our sales team from 2 to 20 in just 6 months. Plus, we’ve generated $3.7 million in pipeline and have already closed three-quarters of a million in that timeframe because we’ve been able to ramp up reps so fast.”

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Search from any application in Chrome or Slack.
Bookmark favorite resources for easy future access.

“We introduced Spekit to support onboarding, but as a highly detailed workplace, it has absolutely transformed the way we store and access data right at our fingertips as we navigate Salesforce — and beyond. There’s information exactly where we need it. And we LOVE the ability to share and spotlight new updates and information!”


Quickly assess your team’s knowledge gaps without disrupting their workflow

Surface short, multiple choice quizzes wherever your team is working to quickly measure knowledge retention.

Hold employees accountable for learning new processes and staying up-to-date.
Measure the impact of training and improve content without disrupting productivity.

“Unlike traditional certifications that are lengthy and time-consuming, Knowledge Checks are easy to create. We can quickly publish bite-sized assessments throughout training to ensure our BDRs stay on track, and if needed, address misunderstandings immediately.”


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Reduction in onboarding time – Copado

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Reduction in Sales and CS ramp time – Arterys

65 percent graph

Reduction in time spent hosting live or facilitated training – Mariner Wealth

Announce important updates and process changes with in-app alerts

Notify your team when systems are down, remind them to take a security review, surface new training materials, and more.

Feature attention-grabbing video, images, and emojis.
See who has engaged and nudge employees who pause the alert.

“Spekit has allowed us to scale and grow and scale our training and onboarding without increased headcount. It has reiterated how impactful self-service and in-the-moment training is to our end users and has increased ramp-up time and reduced the number of questions to our training team.”


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Reveal what’s working and areas for improvement with analytics

Know exactly who is engaging with what training content and identify any gaps.

Analyze by search terms and view data to see what employees are searching for and where training gaps exist.
Create a constant feedback loop with reaction and data.

“I like that Spekit has given us a place to centralize our processes and documentation. The reporting and analytics empower us to see which processes our team engage with.”


How is Spekit different than other employee onboarding and training solutions?

Training automatically embeds in-app

Spekit turns one-off onboarding into continuous everboarding by resurfacing crucial knowledge and guidance in-app.

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One-click Salesforce integration

Training automatically appears beside defined terms, objects, and picklist values in Salesforce while tracking any changes.

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Change management

Change is constant. Keep your team up-to-date on new processes, policies, and more with in-app alerts and notifications.

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Out-of-the-box content

Get started in minutes with customizable training content on the most popular tools.

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Icon of a step-by-step-process with a checkmark in the final circle to signify a completed process.

Step-by-step walkthroughs

Guide employees step-by-step through new tools and processes with walkthroughs.

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Knowledge checks

Quickly assess the retention of information without disrupting productivity.

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Don’t write your training from scratch.
Customize free, out-of-the-box content to get started in minutes.

Salesforce CPQ 101 Training Manual

Salesforce CPQ is complex, Spekit makes it easy. Customize out-of-the-box training content and surface that training in-app.

Getting started with Outreach

Customizable training on best practices for using Outreach including navigation, adding prospects to a sequence, managing opportunities, and more.

ZoomInfo Best Practices Playbook

The ultimate, customizable playbook for advanced ZoomInfo search, best practices on Scoops, Tags, syncing with Salesforce, and more.