Sales Playbooks

With Spekit, sales playbooks live where sales plays happen.

Create contextual, agile playbooks that surface across every sales touchpoint

Deliver sales playbooks where questions arise

Break down playbook content into bite-sized answers to seamlessly guide employees through processes and workflows.

Easily make changes and adjust playbooks as your strategy evolves

Don’t wait months to make changes you know will drive growth. Publish and communicate playbook updates in minutes. 

Know exactly how your playbooks are impacting performance

Quickly assess the effectiveness of your playbooks, who is using them, and where you can improve.

20% higher rep quota attainment with Spekit

50% less time communicating new initiatives and changes

Don’t have time to create playbooks from scratch?
We’ve got you covered!

JBarrows Filling the Funnel Playbook

Get ready to build a big, fat pipeline by setting more meetings with tips from leading sales consultancy, JBarrows.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting Playbook

Learn best practices for leveraging alerts, social listening, account targeting and more with this free, customizable playbook.

ZoomInfo Best Practices Playbook

The ultimate, customizable playbook for advanced searching in ZoomInfo, best practices on Scoops, Tags, syncing with Salesforce and more.