Empower your agents with every answer at their fingertips

Eliminate lost time to give your agents superpowers

Struggling with slow handling times, high ticket volumes, and low customer satisfaction? With so much knowledge scattered across tools, it’s harder than ever for support and call center agents to find up-to-date answers to help customers quickly.

Spekit eliminates lost time by delivering bite-sized knowledge and training directly into your agent’s flow of work, empowering them with every answer at their fingertips. No more digging through Sharepoint, PDFs, or lengthy training documents. Just the knowledge agents need to reduce response times, increase customer satisfaction, and drive upsells — where they need it.

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20% Increase in quality assurance scores with Spekit – NuVision

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Increase in deal save rate with Spekit – Road Scholar

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Reduction in support tickets with Spekit – Hobsons

Reduce response times with instant access to information

With Spekit, your team is never more than a click away from the most up-to-date knowledge and resources. Solve customer challenges faster and more accurately by increasing visibility to the correct information when and where it matters most.

Segment knowledge by tool, team, geography, use case, and more.
Include engaging videos, embedded files, images, and more.

“Employees and supervisors alike tell us that Spekit allows them to present and consume information effortlessly, and allows them to look anything up so that inter-team collaboration is seamless.”


Reduce error rates by alerting agents of new policies, procedures, or FAQs in real-time

Customer-facing teams must be immediately informed of policy changes, high-priority customer issues, security bugs, etc. With Spekit, send in-app alerts to notify agents in real-time of updates or changes to reduce costly mistakes and errors.

“Spekit has been so much easier for us. With an LMS, you have to create this huge course module that can be really burdensome. Spekit gives me much more freedom. Right now, I can make a Spek in the middle of a meeting…I don’t have to follow the structure and flow of an LMS in that case. Instead, I can do whatever works for our team.”

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Kirsten lennox

Spekit Spotlight in Jira informing the viewer a high priority bug has been reported and all hands are on deck.
Surface short, multiple-choice assessments in under five minutes without disrupting productivity.
Turn lengthy onboarding modules into quick FAQs and tips that new agents can easily digest as questions resurface.

“Knowledge Checks add another layer of impact to our onboarding process. With Spekit, our reps are already learning while doing. Now we can use these bite-sized assessments to improve retention day-to-day and ensure reps stay on track, rather than waiting to administer a lengthy certification.

katy todd

Reduce turnover by helping every agent become your best agent

Spekit levels the playing field, helping every agent to become your best agent by making it incredibly easy for them to learn and improve in the moment of need. Reinforce best practices, playbooks, and training where customer conversations happen to coach agents when and where they need it.

Embed playbooks in Salesforce Service Cloud, FAQs in Zendesk, processes in Jira, and more. 

Now, the minute somebody wonders, “Hey, what’s this field?” they don’t have to hunt anywhere. With a single click, the information is there contextually, or instantly searchable. No more emailing us questions, no more digging for information or wasted time clicking through tabs for answers.

walt bower

Spek titled "What is Zendesk" is highlighted in the Spekit Web App. There are 6 additional Speks with additional information on Zendesk in the Topic.

Improve content accuracy with centralized and consolidated knowledge

It becomes impossible to manage information spread across tools and teams. Spekit makes creating, consolidating, and updating knowledge easy so that agents always have the most accurate FAQs, policies, and knowledge.

Assign permissions and subject-matter-experts to own and collaborate on content.
Turn lengthy onboarding modules into quick FAQs and tips that new reps can easily digest as questions resurface.

“Employees think Spekit is genius. They don’t need to hunt for answers in a giant wiki anymore — they can just use Spekit, no matter what page they’re on in Salesforce, or if they’re in Slack or a different app. They like it so much better than having to search for answers in a completely separate tool.

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jack michel

Analyze content engagement and identify gaps

Easily see who is engaging with what content. Gain an understanding of what agents are searching for, what they’re viewing, and quickly gather feedback to improve content. 

Support content governance with performance and engagement analytics at the user, team, and content level.
Identify power users, popular content, out-of-date content, and more.

Our previous systems didn’t provide data and visibility on the hit rate for information sent to teams. For example, we sent a spotlight internally for a new hardware product. 75% engaged, we could look into the analytics and pinpoint the people who didn’t engage and reach out to them.”

steven fazio

Measure employee onboarding progress and goals with analytics

How is Spekit different from other knowledge solutions?

Find any answer, anywhere you’re working

Wherever agents work to support customers, they can access up-to-date knowledge and resources in seconds.

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Training automatically embeds in-app

Embed quick answers, guidance, and FAQs in tools like Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Jira, and more to reduce response times. 

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In-app alerts for crucial updates

Change is constant. Keep your team up-to-date on new processes, policies, incidents, and more with in-app alerts.

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Out-of-the-box templates

Get started in minutes with customizable content templates on the most popular tools.

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Icon of a step-by-step-process with a checkmark in the final circle to signify a completed process.

Step-by-step walkthroughs

Guide agents step-by-step through new tools and processes with walkthroughs.

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Knowledge checks

Quickly assess the retention of information without disrupting productivity.

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Don’t write your training from scratch.
Customize free, out-of-the-box templates to get started in minutes.

Salesforce Lightning Training Template

Salesforce is complex, Spekit makes it easy. Customize the out-of-the-box content template and surface your training in-app to maximize agent productivity.

Getting Started with Catalyst Content Template

Customize this template with the basic knowledge, strategies, and common best practices for getting started with enabling your Customer Success team in Catalyst. 

nCino 101 Content Template

Maximize the ROI of your nCino investment, drive accountability and process adherence, and increase data quality with training reinforced where your team works.