Outreach.io Content Template

Everything you need to know to get started in Outreach.io. Customize this content template and surface it within your own Outreach.io instance using Spekit to reduce ramp time and maximize rep productivity.

3 steps to enable your team in Outreach.io with Spekit


View the Outreach.io template

Chat with us to see how easily Spekit can help your team train, onboard, and reinforce learning in real-time, right where questions arise in Outreach.io.


Customize training to your needs

Customize the Outreach.io content template in a few clicks to meet your unique business needs. Add videos, images more to create engaging learning experiences.


Automatically see training in Outreach.io

See your playbooks, processes, and guidance surface right where your team is working in Outreach.io next to sequences, templates, opportunities, and more. Then, invite your team to join!

Outreach.io End-User Training Template

View the template to preview customizable content for Outreach, including:

  • How to navigate Outreach
  • Creating sequences
  • Managing opportunities in Outreach
  • How to create reports in Outreach
  • Sorting and filtering in Outreach and so much more!

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Spektacular Features

Customize training to appear in Outreach.io

Guide your team through creating their first sequence, updating templates, managing opportunities, and more!

New Outreach Sequences Available Spekit Spotlight

Notify your team in real-time with in-app alerts

Instantly notify your team of changes, new processes or resources available to them – directly within Outreach.io.