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How Handshake and Greenlight Guru Use Spekit for 3x Faster Sales Onboarding

Past Events

ATD Democast: Onboard reps 50% faster with in-app learning with Andrea Rist

Better Together: Cross-Functional Alignment 101

Leader Enablement: Creating a culture of “building the bench” with Alex Zikakis from Sales Assembly

The Hard Sell with Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware and Melanie Fellay, CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit

Building with your brain, leading with your heart | Melanie Fellay Presents the Keynote at the MSP Mega SKO

Spekit Product Release Webinar | January 2022

Your secret weapon to superpowers: How to save hundreds of hours creating content with Sapper & Spekit


Operationalizing Enablement: The keys to scaling during hyper-growth with Nikki Schanzer from Hopin

How OwnBackup drove adoption of a new sales methodology and scaled their enablement

Reimagining How Salespeople Sell with Melanie Fellay

How to Build a Winning Enablement Strategy 

The Right Info at the Right Time: How to Grow Sales with Sales Reinforcement

Podcast 193: Melanie Fellay On Making Funding Decisions And Building A Team

Digital Enablement: the key to faster, smarter, empowered reps

Who runs the world: Women & the future of sales

Podcast 145: Learning & Continuous Development For Sales Reps With Melanie Fellay

Beyond the SKO: Maximizing retention and momentum

Founder Fireside Chat – Present & future of Sales Ops and Enablement

How NextGen Transformation Requires NextGen Change Management Featuring Michael Daehne from Sense Corp

How Spekit Uses Spekit to Decrease SDR Onboarding Time by 50%

The Cost of Going Remote on Employee Productivity and Revenue – Results

From the elevator to the app: The Spekit story, vision and demo from Mel and Zari for friends and family!

The future of enablement in a remote learning world featuring Dan Darcy from Salesforce

Keeping your remote team engaged with Kara Factor from Southwest

Redefining GTM in a Digital World featuring Mike Wolff from Salesforce

Driving adoption in a remote world with Ann-Renee Thrash from JLL

Designing a Data-Driven Learning Strategy Featuring Ryan Sarpalius from Facebook

The Cost of Going Remote on Employee Productivity and Revenue

Faster, smarter walkthroughs have arrived. Introducing: Spekit Flows

Aligning partner success with business challenges featuring Eran Gil from AllCloud