Spekit Enablement Analytics

Gain insight into where your team requires coaching and upleveling

Get the full value of your analytics with actionable insights

Spekit’s analytics empower you to draw connections between your enablement efforts and business outcomes.

Uncover gaps to uplevel your reps and fuel their success

Assess your reps’ consumption, comprehension, and application of training content to their day-to-day tasks, so you can identify gaps in knowledge or materials your reps need to succeed.

Identify habits of top performers to replicate with your entire team

Get a consolidated view of your reps’ engagement with Spekit to understand your reps’ learning behaviors, and identify common behaviors in top performers that others can adopt to strengthen your team.

Drive accountability with processes and best practices

Ensure your team reviews updates to processes, and provide contextual guidance when reps perform those processes to ensure adherence to best practices, drive efficiency, and improve data hygiene.

Understand which content is most helpful to maximize your materials

Identify similarities amongst your most popular content that you can apply to underperforming content and drive greater value.

It’s not just about more data — it’s about better data

Data is only as good as the insights you can glean from it. Spekit analytics turn raw data into easy-to-review, informative visuals that help you identify trends and patterns that otherwise might go unnoticed. Here’s how:

Measure your content’s engagement and impact

Easily understand how employees interact with your content and how. Are they using the resources you develop? What content is most popular? Get those answers (and more) with a quick glance.

Assess understanding and retention

Measure how well employees understand and remember key concepts with instant Knowledge Check analytics. Review activity and performance data at the Knowledge Check-, team-, or user-level to discern what’s resonating and where reps need additional training.

Quickly get feedback on enablement resources directly in Spekit

Get a pulse check on your content to quickly determine whether it’s resonating, or if there are areas for improvement. Get notified instantly whenever reps react to your content or submit feedback.

Easily identify stale content to keep your knowledge up to date

Get a comprehensive overview of content creation and ongoing governance so you can prioritize what content needs to be optimized to ensure reps always have the most up-to-date knowledge at their fingertips.

Track activation rates and ongoing use of Spekit

See which users have accepted their Spekit invites and review ongoing content use and search volumes to ensure employees are making the most of the just-in-time coaching features at their disposal.

Spekit’s analytics give you insights you can act on to see revenue-driving results quickly

See how Spekit analytics can set you up for success

Learn how to measure, optimize, and discover actionable insights for your sales training program with Spekit Analytics.
Explore key sales enablement metrics to demonstrate ROI so you can prove the value of your enablement programs.
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