Knowledge Checks

The fast, easy way to check knowledge in the flow of work

Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies to empower revenue attainment

Simple assessments designed for how we actually learn

Reinforce tool and process change when it matters most

Strengthen the understanding of key changes, whether that’s an updated process in CPQ or a new field in Salesforce.

Sidebar with a question about product updates in Zendesk

Keep teams on track without disrupting productivity

Deliver Knowledge Checks right where your teams are working to increase engagement and save time.

Unlike traditional certifications that are lengthy and time-consuming, Knowledge Checks are easy to create. We can quickly publish bite-sized assessments throughout training to ensure our BDRs stay on track, and if needed, address misunderstandings immediately.

Katy Todd


Knowledge Checks are the perfect way to reinforce hands-on training rather than just passively sitting back and listening. This is especially powerful for onboarding in a remote-first world. We don’t want our teams to go to another application, and possibly get lost, just to take a brief assessment.

Kirsten Lennox


Test the effectiveness of your training and content, more often

Instantly understand if your content is resonating with insights delivered the moment a Knowledge Check has been completed.

Spekit Analytics - Knowledge Checks Dashboard showing the Sales team how many people have completed the knowledge check, if they passed or failed, and completion rate by month.
Spekit Web App - Showing the creation of a multiple choice question for a Knowledge Check

Unlock more ways to evaluate your team’s progress

Create and deliver bite-sized check-ins when long-form certifications or modules don’t make sense.