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Featured Customers

The partnership with Spekit is one of the strongest I’ve been a part of. From implementation to ongoing technical and strategic support, Spekit has delivered a great customer experience.”

Jack Michel, Senior Salesforce Administrator at Addigy

“I love Spekit for it’s affordability, ease of use, and as a CIO, keeping the fewest number of tools to increase adoption and consistency.”

Jai Kumar, CIO and International Operations at NuVision

Spekit has been a game changer in terms of increasing our visibility on content and communications engagement. By utilizing Spekit, we’ve been able to make data-driven decisions to inform how, what, and when we launch internal enablement initiatives.

Lizze Brockman

Spekit is a best-in-class, efficiency, productivity and adoption driving tool that promotes and enhances the user and admin experience.

With Spekit, we were able to grow our sales team from 2 to 20 in just 6 months. Plus, we've generated $3.7 million in pipeline and have already closed three quarters of a million in that timeframe because we've been able to ramp up reps so fast.

Keegan Otter, Director of Sales and Rev Ops

There are great things that somebody who has been in sales for ten years could tell you instantly. But to have something like Spekit, which is almost a mini sales coach, ever present across all your different software platforms, is priceless.

Sam Choi, Head of Revenue Operations

Since implementing Spekit, we were able to increase our deal save rate to 70%. We also went from 50% of advisers hitting KPIs on the first week on the floor to 70%. So that was a really big benefit during the pandemic and it’s because reps had all of the information they needed right in front of them.

Kirsten Lennox, Training Manager

With the help of Spekit questions never go unanswered. Spekit has significantly reduced the time that employees are spending searching for content.

Gloria Ramchandani, Sr. Director, Strategy & Business Operations

“We can't find a single use case so far that we can't make better with Spekit.”

Aaron Clark

When an employee hits a problem, they jump on Spekit and ask their question. The tool automatically searches through all your content and returns the answer. You can take all the tribal training and knowledge and formalize it into an effective program.

Eric Smith, Senior Manager of Training

"I didn’t realize it at the time, but now, Spekit is the answer to what we were looking for. It’s a breath of fresh air."

Rebecca Storrs

Spekit allows us to embed training content within the tool a rep is using, empowering them to learn on their own. We can now deliver information right when the rep needs it, reducing retraining requirements and driving a much higher return-on-effort from my enablement team.

Whitney Sieck, Vice President of Revenue Enablement

We designed our enablement strategy with Spekit to reclaim wasted time. If reps aren’t having to hunt for information, they can focus on what they’re good at - building relationships with carriers.

Amy Contreras, Head of Learning

Spekit helps each individual further their own path to mastery with an all-in-one enablement, adoption and change management solution. It helps them learn and retain knowledge, and makes them better at what they do, which is creating growth for themselves and for our clients.

Keith Titus, President & CEO

After years of searching for the right solution, we were almost speechless! Spekit is a one-stop-shop and has allowed us to do everything we’ve been looking to do in enablement to support our teams.

Julie Legleu, Sales Trainer

I have an offshore team in India that I manage, and since I am not there in person to answer all of their questions they love Spekit! They use Spekit to search for anything they might need help with and they will find the full procedure in there! Now as we release new processes they are requesting to put the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.

Letty Carmaco, VP Operations

Spekit's browser extension is where it shines. The ability to contextually apply relevant information at the right time depending on the task is game-changing. Additionally, the contextual support it provides our sales team within Salesforce is second to none.

Daniel Chiha, Global Operations

Spekit it the THE ultimate enablement tool. It has helped us scale our onboarding program and get new hires up to speed a lot faster. We've received lots of positive feedback from new hires.

Kristen O'Brien, Sales Enablement

Our end users were onboarded smoothly and saw immediate benefit from using this tool. By integrating knowledge directly into the systems they use on a daily basis, we've been able to empower our team to be more self sufficient and centralized content in an easy-to-use, searchable database that lives in their workflows v. a more traditional LMS or corporate drive.

Rachel Fisher, Sr. Director RevOps

I’ve been looking for this for a few years. The main problem we're solving is that our old enablement documentation was spread all over the place and never felt convenient. Reps didn't know where to look if they wanted to know the definition of a sales stage or what a field did. Spekit solves for this.

Taft Love, VP of Sales

Self-sufficiency is critical during these times and Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, surfacing relevant sales content at our team’s fingertips and empowering them to get answers on their own, instantly.

Logan Thomeczek, VP Sales Enablement

In a word, Spekit has transformed the way that we bring training and knowledge to our team. With Spekit we have supercharged our learning and adoption processes by having information in a consistent format in a single place that is well organized by topic and easily searchable.

Ross Pennington, Sr. Business Analyst

Spekit has been a great asset for us and our teams during what has been a time of immense change. The tool has helped us manage that change but also empowers our people and gives them relevant, timely information where and when they need it.

Libby Magliolo, Organizational health

After seeing the product in action, it all clicked. Like, ‘of course you should put information where the user is. Of course, you should deliver training in a way that’s quick, integrated, simple to alter and change.’ It became so obvious.

Todd Tribble, VP of Operations

Considering how much we’re changing, having always-on reinforcement, directly within our employee’s workflow through Spekit is invaluable.

Dan Ritch, CIO

Being able to use and guide people to relevant content has saved an immeasurable amount of employee time, energy and bandwidth.

Logan Wikoff, Platform Training

Using Spekit has reduced our time to document and iterate on our training by more than 60%.

Bryan Miller, VP of Global Operations

The content is easy to access, easy to edit, and the UI is efficient with a clean, modern look. Not many tools get all of those things right. And the ability to see how often people view specific Speks and how happy they are with the content is golden.

Dion Manly, VP of Operations

Something that might have taken me an hour to type up and send out as a response and also try to make generic enough that I could use it again, now is something I can just send out as a Spek.

Nico Taranovsky, IT Manager

The Spekit team is exceptional and the product consistently over-delivers on its promises to streamline and make training more effective!

Keri Hawkins, Sales Training & Leadership Dev

My day went from answering question after question from reps to saying “oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from basically me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Michael Lonsinger, Sales Operations