Decrease average handling times by 50% with Spekit

Spekit equips your agents with the latest FAQs, best practices, SOPs, and more at their fingertips, multiplying their ability to nurture healthy, happy customers and significantly reducing customer churn.

Reduce case resolution time by 30% with SOPs embedded in-app

With Spekit, your agents are never more than a click away from up-to-date knowledge and processes. Embed SOPs in Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Jira, and more to solve customer challenges faster and more accurately.

“Spekit has been so much easier for us. With an LMS, you have to create this huge course module that can be really burdensome. Spekit gives me much more freedom. Right now I can make a Spek in the middle of a meeting…I don’t have to follow the structure and flow of an LMS in that case. Instead, I can do whatever works for our team.

kirsten lennox • roadscholar

Increase customer save rates by surfacing talk tracks and objection handling tips

Struggling with churn, high error rates, and low customer satisfaction? With training buried in long-form PDFs, Sharepoint, and PowerPoints, finding the correct answers quickly is nearly impossible. The average agent spends 3-11 hours per week searching for answers to questions. Spekit eliminates this wasted time, embedding talk tracks, playbooks, and objection handling tips where agents work to meet them in the moment of need.

I realized that with Spekit, I could take what was once a “four-mile scroll” playbook and break it down to surface only the information that a specific CSM needed to help that specific customer.

Hannah brotherton • spekit

Spekit sidebar showing Tax Account Maintenance information overlayed on a Salesforce Service Cloud page. A highlight shows the text has been copied from the Spek and pasted into Salesforce.

Save hundreds of hours per month previously spent correcting orders, tickets, and data

Spekit is the in-app coach guiding your agents through ticket resolutions, renewal orders, case management, and more. Increase data accuracy and hygiene while improving customer satisfaction by guiding agents through new or complex processes step-by-step.

“My team uses Spekit on every call to ensure they’ll be able to provide excellent customer service. Having easy-to-access information in front of them has really improved quality assurance scores compared to before when customer success reps relied on various Google or PDF documents.”


Alert agents of high-priority bugs, performance issues, updated FAQs, and more in real-time

It’s critical to keep agents updated and aligned when issues arise or changes are made. With Spekit, you can send in-app alerts to notify agents in real-time with crucial updates, announcements, or guidance. No more burying critical information in Slack messages or emails. Empower your agents with the knowledge they need to resolve customer inquiries quickly.

“Spekit has been a great asset for us and our teams during what has been a time of immense change. The tool has helped us manage that change but also empowers our people and gives them relevant, timely information where and when they need it.”

libby magliolo • southwest

Spekit Spotlight in Jira informing the viewer a high priority bug has been reported and all hands are on deck.
Spekit Browser Extension - Zendesk application with the Spekit Sidebar showing Topics related to Zendesk.

Onboard new agents in half the time

Spekit reduces the ramp time for new agents by reinforcing FAQs, product messaging, policies, and procedures directly within the tools they use to have customer conversations. Turn one-time onboarding sessions into continuous, just-in-time everboarding that supports your agents from their first day to their last.

“We have put our rigorous onboarding framework into Spekit, which made our onboarding more “self-service.” Most importantly, it decreased our ramp time by 50 days to close a new sale.

Paige Aspinwall • Iterable

Document, update, and communicate new knowledge or changes in minutes

Creating and updating knowledge shouldn’t be a full-time job. Spekit’s intuitive content creation interface allows you to create or update content in minutes, not days. Document a common FAQ without ever leaving Slack. Update a policy while you’re working in Zendesk. Assign SMEs to own content topics and monitor engagement to quickly improve.

“You can disseminate information directly into your team’s workflow. You can deliver updates the moment things change. You can improve retention by surfacing information after onboarding. Spekit becomes the one platform your team is familiar with to reference for continued learning.”

todd tribble • hobsons

Spekit Knowledge Check - A short quiz in the Spekit Sidebar titled Sales to Success Handoff Process with no answer selected.

Increase compliance and accountability with quick, bite-sized quizzes

When working directly with customers, it’s imperative to ensure you’re following up-to-date policies and procedures. Spekit allows you to surface short, multiple-choice quizzes directly within an employee’s workflow to gauge knowledge retention and identify gaps.

“Spekit has been great at putting our information in one place for onboarding and continued training. It has also been great to share program information, processes, and procedures with the entire company. Spekit reduced the need to hunt through other systems like SharePoint and saved everyone time.”

jared hendler • mac-v

Measure the impact of knowledge impact in real-time 

Spekit lets you quickly identify who is searching for what content, where engagement gaps exist, what content employees find the most helpful, and where they struggle. Proactively assess gaps, risks, and opportunities with real-time analytics.

“Training today is no longer just sitting in a room or in front of a computer for an hour. Learning happens in the moment for users and that is where Spekit excels. We’ve been able to reduce ad hoc questions and provide valuable in-the-moment training for users without additional work.”

kara factor • southwest airlines

Spekit Analytics - User Management Dashboard showing that a user has not installed the Chrome Extension.

The Spekit difference

Struggling with slow ticket response times, high customer churn and ticket volumes, or low customer satisfaction? The average rep spends 3-11 hours per week searching for answers to questions. Spekit eliminates this lost time by delivering bite-sized knowledge and training directly into your agent’s workflow. No more digging through docs or waiting for answers. Just the knowledge they need to reduce response times, increase customer satisfaction, and drive upsells — at their fingertips.

Find any answer, anywhere you’re working

Wherever agents work to support customers, they can access up-to-date knowledge and resources in seconds.

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Training automatically embeds in-app

Embed quick answers, guidance, and FAQs in tools like Jira, Zendesk, and more to streamline support.

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Bell icon with a 1 in a circle to signify 1 notification

In-app alerts for crucial updates

Change is constant. Keep your team up-to-date on new processes, policies, incidents, and more with in-app alerts.

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Out-of-the-box content

Get started in minutes with customizable training content on the most popular tools like Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, Catalyst, and more.

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Icon of a step-by-step-process with a checkmark in the final circle to signify a completed process.

Real-time analytics

See who is searching for what content, where gaps exist, and what content agents find the most helpful to increase the effectiveness and impact of your training content.

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Knowledge checks

Quickly assess the retention of information without disrupting productivity.

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