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Don’t have time to create Salesforce partner training? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Spekit for CPQ

We partnered with top Salesforce MVP and CPQ expert Brad Gross to create Spekit for CPQ training on all the basics including quoting, products and more.

Spekit for NPSP

We partnered with top Salesforce Non-Profit Consulting Partner, OpenTent to create the Spekit for Nonprofit Success Pack out-of-the-box training content.

Spekit for Lightning 101

The Spekit for Lightning set of training includes 50+ templates for the common questions your users are likely to run into. Customize them to your needs.

Spekit for Financial Services Cloud

Customizable training and FAQs on the basics of Financial Services Cloud in Salesforce.

Driving Adoption of Changes in Salesforce

Tips and best practices to simplify Salesforce and drive user adoption including enforcing changes and how to keep your team aligned.

The only Salesforce adoption solution with a one-click integration

Make a change in Salesforce and Spekit will automatically sync it

Document using Spekit’s easy editor to add videos, images and more

Spekit intelligently embeds your training where it belongs – no effort required

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The secret behind our 5-star AppExchange rating: Simple yet Spektacular…

Guide your users through any process with in-app training

Embed videos, process training and more to any object or page in Salesforce for a self-serve learning experience.

Streamline onboarding and drive adoption of changes with step-by-step Salesforce walkthroughs

Handhold employees through new Salesforce tools and processes with the easiest to create walkthroughs in the industry that reinforce crucial knowledge, right where your team is working.

Spekit’s Sidebar makes all of your training accessible one click away

See training surface right where your team is working in Salesforce beside defined terms, fields, picklist values and processes. Then, invite your team to join!

As the Admin of a complex org that has doubled in size in the last year via internal and external acquisitions, we very quickly saw that in order to keep up with the changes, train new users, and ensure what we built wouldn’t become a Frankenstein made up of bad data we had to do something. And that something was Spekit – quick to implement, easy to rollout, and our users love it. I have been able to make quick brain dumps into Speks and get the information distributed across global teams instantly.

Nana Gregg

VP, Sr. Salesforce Administrator

“What I love about Spekit is how all of that just-in time learning is contextual, right at the point of need and can help drive you through the process. That’s one of the biggest areas where you’re cracking the code in just-in-time enablement, helping reps be more productive at the point of need.”

Dan Darcy

SVP, Partner Enablement & Technology

In searching for an in-app solution for user guidance, Spekit was the clear leader early on. Their ability to connect knowledge to business outcomes, reducing the time our reps spend learning tools and processes is going to be a critical component of our growth strategy moving forward.”

Keith Jones


After purchasing and rolling out Spekit to our 450 employees in just four business days during COVID, I just couldn’t stop bragging about your “white glove” approach to Customer Service.

Daniel Ritch


Send in-app alerts to communicate new fields or process changes

No more expensive webinars or time off the floor. Create and send an alert in under 30 seconds to communicate a change, it’s that easy.

View analytics and create a feedback loop with your team

Don’t guess what’s working, powerful analytics will give you visibility into what’s working and what isn’t.

Access training on mobile with the Spekit for Salesforce Lightning Component

The lightning component can be embedded in the Utility Bar, any Lightning record or in the Salesforce app.

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